HI, and thanks for this opportunity. Here goes... We bought a place last year with a small farm pond. The pond is about 65 feet wide and 180 feet long. The deepest point is around 4 feet and the bottom tapers out as most do. We were under the assumption that there were no fish in it as fishing last year produced no result. From the fish truck we added 50 hybrid bluegills about 6 inches long and 25 channel cats about 8 inches long and 2 grass carp. All seemed to be fine. Catching and releasing and having a good time. We noticed that we caught several "yellow belly" cats and tons of 1 inch brim. We decided we would go to a pay lake on delivery day and pick up some big cats to get rid of the brim...then the problems started. First the man at the paylake told us to bring a cooler chest which he filled with 2-6 lb cats and then just dumped a bucket of water in over them. I was new to this, and didn't question it...He assured me they would be "fine". They all seemed to live...for the time being. Now two weeks later, I have picked up dead fish on a regular basis. 5 yellow belly cats (which is no big deal, but why are they dying) and 6 channels (no doubt stress). There seems to be plenty of aquatic vegetation, water is a little cloudy, (seeing about a foot down into the water). What are some thought on this situation. We know we made several mistakes.