I live almost smack dab in the middle of central Illinois. Our pond is basically surrounded by rocks and has zero vegetation. The watershed is provided strictly by field runnoff. Last Thursday I spent the entire day at the pond. We had a large outburst of algae bloom that floated over to the side of the pond in a mass and floated on top of the water. I fished this bank and was catching decent size bass 13-16 or so inches. These fish were basically sitting on the bank. I need someone with a similar climate to suggest what kind of plants that we can put in to provide a habitat for the fish. Obviously I do not want something that will take over the pond. Something that spreads slow so that we can keep it in check would be ideal. Any suggestions from you Ohio or Illinois folks? What is working for you? Thanks in advance I am just trying to get a game plan ready for this spring to put into action.

Here is a pic of the pond...as you can see there is zero vegetation right now.

Bullheads and Carp are the devil~