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POND TO PLATE – Unique sauteed Bass Louisiana with banana, tomato and celery.

1. ROTENONE: STARTING A LAKE OVER. Lusk tells how,when and why it was needed.

2. AQUATIC PLANT PRIMER. Lusk tells the basic ways to deal with nuisance plants.

3. ALL FEMALE BASS: A TALE OF TROPHY SIZE FISH. Rob Mays growing all females requires competition.

4. AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE TERMINOLOGY. Dr. Boyd all the details about limestone. Informative.

5. LARGEMOUTH BASS MOVEMENT IN FLOODING EVENTS. Beasley monitors the bass population after a flushing event.

6. WHAT’S HAPPENING UNDER THAT ICE? Lusk pond activity when ice covered.

7. PRACTICING WHAT WE PREACH. Mike Gray how improper compaction resorted in leaks.

8. DRIVING AND WILDLIFE INTERFACE. VanSchaik discusses wildlife vehicle collisions.

9. YOUR POND’S PURPOSE. Lusk points out some helpful goals for a pond.

10. A KEY MANAGEMENT TOOL. Scott Wren has good suggestions for some versatile angler items for harvesting your fish.

11. BRINGING DOWN DEEP UP – ON THE CHEAP. Cornwell. How to and benefits of a pond airlift for destratification.

12. STATUS QUO. Lusk every pond decision and action creates reaction. Make them work toward your goals.

13. A GOOD TIME TO INSPECT AND REPAIR. Otto pond inspections and evaluations for a better pond.

14. OBSERVATIONS FROM THE POND BOSS FORUM. Beth Lahaie ponds are creative vision of the owners.

15. FLOATING ISLANDS: CLEARER WATER AND MORE FISH? Dr.Neal discussed a floating stream bed island study they did for measuring the benefit to fish production and growth rates in a small BG-LMB pond. Streambed islands had water channelized upward and moving water through the island. Study ran for 20 months in 4 test ponds 4 control ponds.

16. WINTER TIPS TO HELPING FEATHERED FRIENDS. Birdman gives good ideas for helping the birds; water, shelters and the best foods.

17. STOCKING FEED TRAINED FISH. West with two studies show pellet raised fish need to keep eating pellets for good growth and survival.

MAR - APR 2019.


1. THE ART OF POND MANAGEMENT. Lusk how pond variables affect your efforts. Know the science for creative choices.

2. HOW FISH SPAWN. Lusk knowing spawning details improves the fishery.
Fatheads, golden shiner, shad, sunfishes, largemouth, smallmouth, catfish

3. HARMONIOUS FOOD CHAINS. Lusk ponds need a balanced continual flow of food produces good recruitment. Choose complementary fish.

4. YOUR POND’S CARBON FOOTPRINT. Dr Boyd. Types and amounts of greenhouse gasses and emissions produced by a pond. Average carbon footprint; CO2 / yr. Sequestering carbon, management style effects.

5. FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES WHEN FERTILIZING TROPHY LARGEMOUTH BASS FISHERIES. Beasley- if to do it, what to look for, color transitions, need for monitoring, cyanobacteria problems, clarity monitoring.

6. YELLOW PERCH SPAWNING. Dr. Willis and Lusk. Details of how it is done.

7. MOVING TO MOVE MORE DIRT. Mike Gray plans to rebuild his old new pond.

8. STOP FEEDING FOR SPRING & SUMMER. VanSchaik. Year round feeding for songbirds, doves, quail, turkeys, deer..

9. SOURCING A REPUTABLE FISH HATCHERY. Lusk’s examples of how to choose a good one.

10. SPRINGTIME POND CHECKLIST. Lusk gives 20 items to look at for beginning the pond season.

11. BALANCING ACTS – PREDICTING A FISHERY. Lusk gives fish items to watch each of 5 years after stocking fish.

12. FERTILIZE OR NOT? Lusk gives the basics for why and how to begin fertilization.
13. EROSION. Lusk & Otto what to watch for and some ways to prevent it.

14. UNUNTENDED CONSEQUENCES. Lusk a few examples of things not to do in chemical treatment, fencing the spillway and weeds with grass carp.

15. TOOLS EVERY PONDOWNER SHOULD OWN. Dr Neal describes 4 good useful pond management tools.

15. TIPS FOR PURPLE MARTIN SUCCESS. Birdman tells the best times for martin arrival and best housing ideas.

16. TROPHIC CASCADES. West and Lusk. How pond activities will cause impacts upward into the food chain. Bluegill and gizzard examples.

MAY - JUN 2019
POND TO PLATE – Morels – How to coat & fry.

1. LAKE VERSUS FISH. Lusk presents a lake with a puzzle of lake, fish, or water for you to help solve.

2. TURTLES. Lusk interesting notes about turtles in your pond.

3. HISTORY OF POND MANAGEMENT Part 1. Lusk summarizes the milestones of pond management starting in 1940’s to 1980.

4. POND ARITHMETIC. Dr.Boyd gives some valuable important relationships for calculating pond treatments.

5. UNDERSTANDING WHEN TO PRIORITIZE ELECTROFISHING. Beasley values and benefits of using it for proactive fish management.

6. PREPARE YOUR POND FOR ICE FISHING NOW. Lusk some ideas for improving the next ice fishing season.

7. MYTHS AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT PREDATOR FISH. Lusk ideas to enhance your pond predator fish.

8. OTTER PREDATION. VanSchaik – research findings of behavior & food habits of otter.

9. JUDGING YOUR FISH. Lusk items to judge those to harvest, relative weights, develop a plan.

10. FUR AND FEATHERS VERSUS FINS: FIGHT TO KEEP FISH IN YOUR POND. Andrew Scott - dealing with bird and animal predators.

11. WHAT THE WATER SAYS. Cornwell – basics of water, rain vs watershed water, good and bad concentrations, anemic food chain, ways to monitor,

12. DIFFERENT THAN EXPECTED. Lusk example of poorly finished pond, ways to prevent it.

13. TWO REPAIRS, SAME LAKE. Otto fixing a spillway and drain pipe repair.

14. IS ALL COPPER BAD? Patrick Simmsgeiger Benefits and precautions of using copper based algaecides.

15. PONDS IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT .Dr.Neal precipitation and temperature changes of your area for future pond plans.

16. HUMMINGBIRDS ARE HERE. Birdman Mel tells us how to attract and encourage these unique birds.

17. POST SPAWN BEHAVIOR. West reviews studies of behavior of bluegill, largemouth and walleye activities after spawning.

JUL - AUG 2019.

1. DIY POND MANAGEMENT. Lusk good basic advice for common doing it yourself pond tasks.

2. THERMOCLINE EFFECTS ON YOU PONDS’ LIKE. Lusk dissects and explains the metalimnion as a middle water layer.

3. HISTORY OF POND MANAGEMENT. Lusk discusses milestone events of pond management during the 1980’s.

4. SOME QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT WATER. Dr. Boyd talks about water color, ice expanding, stratification, less DO in warm water, water as a solvent, evaporation, DO increase with depth, surface tension.

5. WELCOME TO THE LEAKY POND CLUB. Mike Gray fixing a board system spillway and leakage.

6. PRELIMINARY WORK IS IMPORTANT. Lusk points out important design topics needed for building a pond.

7. TAGGING FISH: WHAT’S THE POINT. Lusk value and reasons for tagging some of your pond fish, plus types of tags.

8. THINKING ABOUT STARTING A COMMERCIAL HUNTING BUSINESS. VanSchaik good topics explained, laws, yourself, land, location, goals, business plan, financial, market.

9. THE INSTITUTE OF HIGHER PONDOLOGY. Lusk offers courses for Basics of Pond Management.

10. THOUGHTS ABOUT ALUM. Lusk what it is, why use it, how to use it.

11. JUST SAY, “NO.” Lusk explains reasons why building a pond is not the best idea.

12. IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASE. Cornwell tells about phytoplankton producing zooplankton for the bottom of the food chain in your pond.

13. BOILING THROUGH HOT SUMMER WATER. Lusk describes what happens when pond water becomes too warm.

14. NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON’T. Otto fixes a drained pond using large concrete blocks.

15. SUMMERTIME UNDERWATER SALAD BAR. Lusk consequences and suggestions for dealing with midsummer pondweed problems.

16. WHY BASS HARVEST IS SO IMPORTANT FOR SMALL WATERS. Dr. Neal explains reasons why small ponds need more bass harvest than lakes.

17. DRIFT AWAY AND RELAX WATCHING BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR YARD. Birdman Mel produces his favorite list of plants that attract butterflies.

18. SUMMERTIME TEMPERATURES. West explains preferred temperatures for bluegill, yellow perch, largemouth bass.

SEP-OCT 2019.

POND TO PLATE – Texas Style Marinara with Romas, garlic, Jalapeno, basil, oregano

1. TIGER MUSKIES. Lusk some basic information for their usefulness in ponds.

2. DOES FALL TURNOVER CAUSE PROBLEMS. Lusk pond temperature layers & features of each layer that sometimes that can contribute to fish kills.

3. HISTORY OF POND MANAGEMENT. Lusk info ending the 1980’s and events milestones of the 1990’s.

4. WATER CHEMISTRY FOR DUMMIES. Lusk basic chemical fundamentals for pH, acidity, alkalinity, buffering and dissolved oxygen,

5. WATER QUALITY WOES. Beasley explains why water quality is basic requirement for good fisheries. Basic info about nanobubble units.

6. LOW OXYGEN UNDER ICE. Lusk why snow and ice cover can kill your fish.

7. ACHIEVING YOUR POND’S BALANCE. Lusk explains pond harmony, importance, and how to recognize it.

8. WEATHERING THE STORM – THE GOOD & BAD FOR WILDLIFE. VanSchaik point out the positives and negatives about extreme weather events effecting wildlife.

9. PROPERLY ANALYZING POND PROBLEMS. Lusk two examples figuring out and trouble shooting why fish died.

10. FALL FISHING. Ty Kleeb hints to improve angler success in fall.

11. CAN SMALLMOUTH AND LARGEMOUTH BASS THRIVE TOGETHER? Cornwell why these two fish do not play well together.

12. MOVING FISH POND TO POND – Bob Lusk explains pros and cons of stocking fish from another water body; cautions, benefits, suggestions

13. SPILLWAY REPAIR. Otto explains how he did it using fabric liner, special concrete mats and slab.

14. SPILLWAY REPAIR. Otto describes finishing constructing a dam when the original builder left it incomplete. What questions & answers are needed. Uses Concrete mats to stop erosion.

15. DESIGNING FISH HABITAT IN A TWO ACRE POND. Lusk describes the plan for best fish structure.

16. CONSIDERATIONS FOR STRATEGIC ADDITIOTON OF PREY. Dr Neal reviews the science & rationale for adding prey fish. Very good information about prey benefits, which ones are best value, pros & cons. Discusses calories for growth, tilapia, crayfish, fatheads, both shad species.

17.TIME TO GO “BATTY. Mel gives the basicw for improving the numbers of bats and shares tips on house locations/

18. FALLING FISH. West examines Autumn feeding of fish and associated body energy use: feeding frenzies, fat accumulation, cyclic energy storage, less growth.

NOV-DEC 2019.

POND TO PLATE - Alison Tanner’s Chicken Pie. Georgia style tasty chicken vegetable pie.

1. REMODELING AN OLDER SMALL POND. Lusk + Clint Steffens tell how a little murky mud hole was transformed into a 3/4ac family fun pond.

2. MANAGING A SMALL HATCHERY SUPPORT POND. Lusk tells tips how to best develop a hatchery support pond. Easy not so easy species. How to harvest dos and don’ts.

3. HISTORY OF POND MANAGEMENT PART 4. Lusk discusses management progress in the 1990 to 2000.

4. ENHANCE YOUR FISHERIES PROGRAM WITH FERTILIZATION AND LIMING. Paul Dorsett discusses liming - when and how to use it; describes blooms and timing of fertilization.

5. BENEATH THE UNDERGROUND. Mike Gray – his efforts to fix a leaky pond built in rocky basin.

6. SMALLIES ON A BUDGET. Lusk tells how in northern and central US to grow some smallmouth using right habitat, foods, getting competition correct, obstacles, recruitment, good forge species, monitoring numbers.

7. FALL MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES & STRATEGIES. Beasley tells the things why and how to do in fall for improving or maintaining trophy bass fisheries. Why Fall harvest is very important.

8. RESPONSIBLE WILDLIFE JOURNALISM. VanSchaik provides insight into what it takes for being an experienced, knowledgeable, credible wildlife writer.

9. WINTER DRAWDOWN. Lusk – pros and cons of removing pond water in Fall in topics of plant mgmt, refilling, maintenance tasks, fishery benefits, bottom soil benefits.

10. HATCHERY PONDS TO SUPPORT A BIGGER FISHERY. Lusk explains pros & cons with insights of hatchery ponds. Uses 3 examples of why & why not.

11. INVADERS OF THE POND KIND. Cornwell relates relates his NY experiences with 3 exotic invading fish species European rudd, European trench, green sunfish.

12. LANDSCAPING SMALL PONDS. Lusk gives a few examples of ideas for enhancing areas above the pond water line.

13. THE LINER. Otto discusses keeping water in the pond with basics of a liner. Includes determining good clay, soil amendments, synthetic liners.

14. EXPECTATIONS OF FALL PONDS. Lusk -progress of Fall is a time to winterize equipment, check fish, restock if needed, observe pond activities.

15. MUDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS – A POND MYSTERY. Dr. Neal visits Camabodia and discusses their types of ponds and why fish kills are common there.

16. CHRISIS – THREE BILLION FIRDS ARE MISSING. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Birdman Mel explains why birds are fewer, ranks the most common causes of deaths with 7 ways to help birds.

17. FLATHEADS AND BLUEGILLS. Discussions form the Pond Boss forum. Using flathead catfish and walleye in Michigan to increase bluegill sizes. Discusses cautions and pros and cons.

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Fish LMB std wt table Q-A Mar-Apr 2019
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Fish northern baitfish ideas Q-A May-Jun 2019
Fish post spawn behavior May-Jun 2019
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Fish predators myths May-Jun 2019
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Fish smallmouth habitat Nov-Dec 2019
Fish spawning methods Mar-Apr 2019
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Fish winter ice concerns Mar-Apr 2019
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Pond warming climate affects May-Jun 2019
Pond-mini mgmt Jan-Feb 2019
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Predators that eat fish May-Jun 2019
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Rebuild small pond Mar-Apr 2019
Rotenone restart club lake Jan-Feb 2019
Rotenone cold use benefits Q-A Mar-Apr 2019
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