Here are some helpful posts and ideas for solar aeration. More additions and updates will be added as they become available.

Do-It-Yourself Help

Note: there have been concerns, negative reviews and buying from MO Wind and Solar - be warned.

Previous Forum Discussions About Solar Aeration
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Solar 2018 - 2019 Updates

MNFISH DIY Solar System
MNFISH Pictures of His Solar System

Solar for LA Pond -2005 Discussion

Very long thread mainly about problems achieving solar aeration at 10,000 ft in Colorado.

Building an insulated shelter for solar aeration at 10,000 ft

Just Daytime Solar Aeration in Vermont

Questions for a TX System.

2017 Discussions for Cajunfisher TX System

Good Links to Solar Aeration Equipment

Solar Aeration and LPM Calculation

DC Aeration Pumps

some discussion about solar batteries and wire size needed for distance.

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