Hi everybody! I don't live near a pond anymore, but I'm spending the summer working at a camp in upstate NY in the Catskills and they have a nice little pond that hasn't been managed for a long time.

I'll be the camp chef through August and unfortunately I won't have a spare minute to do anything with the pond. This is a camp for people with developmental disabilities, so it's a special place. Here's the website: LINK

I've been told the pond is better than 50 years old. It seems like a great location for a pond geographically. My WAG is that it's about 250 ft long and 125 wide. The dam is vertical on the back side and 20 feet tall or maybe a little less. I also heard that the spring dried up a few years ago for a summer, but that it very rarely does so.


The camp director would like to be able to offer fishing to the campers but nothing is known about any previous stocking which would have been long ago. In the two minutes I spent checking it out I saw some fish about three inches long and I don't know what species. Given the high vertical damn maybe not much has made into the pond. Except of course what birds drop, or fishnadoes, etc. whistle

I would love to take this project on but I'll be too busy cooking 3 meals a day for 400-500 people. If you can help or are nearby or know someone who is, please let me know and I'll give you contact info for the director. There's a budget for it, but I have no idea how much it might be. I suppose "it depends"... laugh

Hope you're all great,