Hello to all

I have a 2 1/2 acre pond outside of Brenham Texas.
The pond is around 2 years old and is stocked with Bluegill, Redear, native Grean Perch,and F1 hybred Florida Bass.

Over the winter I stocked 75 Rainbow Trout (they grew to 3 pounds WOW-FUN) for cold weather fishing (all have been caught/eaten and the few left have died off with the onset of hot weather).

I have been feeding the fish for over a year now (year round feeding because of the Trout) with game fish chow and the fish populations are doing well.

My problem is I NOW have a very fertile pond and the weeds and especially the algae have a plant heaven to grow and prosper in. With all the fish food and ss a result fish poop the pond is becoming to fertile.

I think I need to install a Pond Aeration System to help with the increased biomass I have created.

QUESTION - What System manufactures should I look into and reasearch?

I know I will need to use a bottom diffuser system but don't know which brand to choose (are they all the same?), what size pump (1/3 - 1/2 hp?), which type of diffuser, how many diffusers (my guess is 2), ect?

The pond is 2 acres with a max. depth of 15 feet at the Dam, the rest averages 6 to 8 feet. There are no forks/bends or islands but has some structure (trees and brush piles).
The shape is like a fat slice of pie, with a blunt end (Half as wide as the Dam)

So many questions so little information.

I know there are a lot of pond aeration systems installed out there.
I am looking for some pratical advice and testimonials about which systems worked the best from all you Pond Meisters out there

Lets hear from you.

Thanks in advance for your reply's

Don Stuart