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Posted By: Cody Sandhoff Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 01:34 PM
Any Fisheries near waco?

I know Buffalo and College Station, any others ?
Posted By: Vortex 4 Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 02:30 PM
I always use the Buffalo guys (Overtons).

They deliver big orders, and they do a great job packing fish for travel if you pick them up. Less than an hour and a half from Waco.
Posted By: Zep Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 04:52 PM
I have used Overton's for years because of their great reputation and crazy quality of fish. They even hosted a Pond Boss open-house a few years ago that was really cool.

A guy I know down near Austin uses Larry's Fish Farm...I think they deliver to Waco. I don't know anything about them as far as quality. https://www.larrysfishfarm.com/
Posted By: txslam Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 05:56 PM
Overton's is probably the closest to you unless there is a Feed Store close that has a regular reputable truck that comes through every few weeks. Would have to call the feed store and ask them if they have something like this and then where the fish are coming from. You would have to pre-order generally.
Posted By: Pat Williamson Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 06:35 PM
Overtons for sure! Great folks for sure
Posted By: Flame Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 08:21 PM
Overton's was 150 mile 2 1/2 hour drive one way but WELL WORTH IT for me to pick up my Florida lmb!! 1 1/2 hours for you is probably not more than 100 mile drive. Good luck. Let us know what you decide or if you found any closer to you.
Posted By: FireIsHot Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 09:17 PM
What they all said. We drive over 2 1/2 hours to Overton's ourselves.
Posted By: highflyer Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 09:33 PM

Overton's is the only place I go for Fish.
Posted By: overtonfisheries Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/17/19 11:14 PM
Wow!! Thanks yall! We appreciate each and every one of our clients, and are thankful for these priceless referrals.
Posted By: Cody Sandhoff Re: Fish Hatcheries in Texas - 05/18/19 01:27 AM
My in-laws lived in buffalo for a few years, and the pond is actually in Riesel. It would probably take an hour to get to the hatchery from the pond. I thought I may go down tomorrow, but I have too much work scheduled in the morning and taking my wife to dinner for our anniversary tomorrow night. May have to schedule a day off next week to make the trip down.... I just donít want to wait until next week. Iíll be at the pond on Sunday to hopefully remove 30-50 bass and will definitely carry a little Ned rig with the cheetoh color TRD. I figure thatís the closest to mimicking the Rosie Reds
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