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Posted By: txslam Tilapia Stocking - 06/19/19 08:08 PM
I have a 1 acre pond in Texas that has a balanced population of LMB and BG. During April and May I did some harvesting and record keeping and my Relative weights were dead on or better. I added 10lbs of FHM that many are most likely gone by now. Just felt like giving them some more to snack on. The FA has been a real pain this year. I chemically treated but it is hard to get a handle on since I am not able to get to the location every month or few weeks. I am contemplating adding some Mozambique TP in for vegetation control and also another food source for the LMB in Fall and Winter.

Pros? Cons? How many TP would be suggested for barely 1 acre pond with the current population stated above.

Posted By: Heppy Re: Tilapia Stocking - 06/19/19 11:44 PM
This thread should help get you started.
Posted By: Pat Williamson Re: Tilapia Stocking - 06/20/19 02:21 AM
Welcome txslam
You might give Overton fisheries in Buffalo a call they specialize in fish and stocking,
I think 10-15# per acre is common- the more the better
Posted By: Cody Sandhoff Re: Tilapia Stocking - 06/20/19 04:13 AM
Check out PondBoss Facebook live videos from the last month or so. I actually asked about Tilapia, and he said it was a great place to control the algae, give the hungry bass something to eat, and have something to eat if I wanted.

I want to say he said if you look on a map and go south to around Waco and draw a line, thatís where it gets iffy on if they will serve the purpose of eating the algae, adding to the food chain, and lying once water gets too cold. For example I donít believe he would recommend it in San Antonio. Too hot and they likely wouldnít die.

I had talked about just getting 1 pound for a 0.87 acre pond, he suggested at least 10, the sales lady at overtons talked me into more. It is crazy though how you can watch them spitting the young out of their mouth etc.

Not sure if it was all the tilapia or if part of it was the heat, but the algae was 100% gone in less than 6 weeks. I have a couple pictures but canít figure out how to post them on here.

I bought My TIlapia from overtons, but I know thereís a hatchery in b/CS - Bait barn - I believe.
Posted By: txslam Re: Tilapia Stocking - 06/20/19 03:50 PM
Thanks all for the replies. Having a hard time getting in touch with them(Overton's). They are busy when I am not and vice versa, LOL. I will continue to try them as that is most likely where I will go.

You know I never have checked water temp on ponds. May have to do this a few times this year to see how high it gets and low in the winter.

Thanks again for the replies and links.
Posted By: Dave Davidson1 Re: Tilapia Stocking - 06/21/19 11:18 PM
I think the water temps due to our heat spell might preclude stocking
Posted By: JMac0912 Re: Tilapia Stocking - 06/22/19 01:31 PM
Our first year on our pond, we stocked 30lbs of tilapia from BoatCycle in Henderson, TX and it was the cleanest our water has ever been. We keep talking about stocking again but Iím a little concerned itís too late in the season for them to be effective. I think they survived into early November, but definitely eventually bit the dust. Toward the end of the season we caught several 2lb tilapia, and the biggest we stocked would fit in the palm of your hand!
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