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Posted By: Gigi Pond flooding - 09/22/20 07:11 PM
Good afternoon, thanks for allowing me to join. I've read many of your articles and posts.
We live in SSE Texas, where our dirt is like cement when dry and it does not leak, therefore, no liner. All ponds on our road are built like this. Our land here is VERY flat and our property is even lower. Our yard floods even during a heavy rain. Needless to say, during a tropical storm we have water for as far as we can see. Today, we can't even see the pond. We have not stocked fish yet, and now I'm hesitant because I don't want to loose my fish. Because the land out here is so low, we can't build a spillway. We're thinking about a berm. Right now the water level is about 8" above the pond and more rain is expected. I have my heart set on a fishing pond.
What to do? Build a 4 foot berm?
Posted By: 4CornersPuddle Re: Pond flooding - 09/23/20 04:07 AM
Welcome Gigi. Yours is a dilemma I haven't read about here on the forum. It does seem that a berm several feet above the historic flood level could work. Our pond building expert Otto probably has solved a problem like this. Send him a pm if he doesn't jump in here in a day or so.

In any event, let us know how you resolve your issues. Keep a thread going about your experiences. If your heart is set on a fishing pond, then you will have one!
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