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Posted By: DanielVW Hello from Oklahoma - 06/07/20 01:49 AM
I am a new pond owner have had the land for about a year.
I bought a 2 year subscription to Pond Boss Magazine at look
Somewhat forward to the challenge of getting this pond into
Better shape.
My goal is to make it a great fishing pond for family and friends.
It’s 1 acre, 12 foot deep at its deepest point, doesn’t really have much
Structure, will be adding plastic pallets, etc). The LMB seem stunted
but look healthy from the info I have gathered. The pond
Has some sort of sunfish, and a great abundance of them.
However they look to large for the bass to eat at least the majority
Of the LMB that have been caught.
Water clarity is 1 foot but does clear up more in the summer months.
It’s fed from water run off from the property.
Anyhow thanks for the add I will be popping in and out as the
Frustration builds!! Lol
Posted By: Flame Re: Hello from Oklahoma - 06/07/20 07:14 PM
Welcome from deep east Texas!! What part of Oklahoma? We're all here to help if we can.
Posted By: DanielVW Re: Hello from Oklahoma - 06/07/20 11:09 PM
I live in Midwest City but my land is in Newalla, Ok, on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.
If I can figure out the picture deal I would to share pictures of my muddy water lol
Posted By: BAK Re: Hello from Oklahoma - 10/26/20 03:25 PM
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