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Posted By: Troutguy1 Hiawassee Georgia Pond! - 05/21/22 04:27 PM
Hello to everyone on here!
I am new to this site and found out about it while researching about what I could stock a small pond with in Hiawassee Georgia. I have a flat area to put a 12,500-13,500 sq ft pond, so slightly larger then 1/4 acre. I had planned this pond in the late 90's but never did it so now I am finally going to do it and have to get another permit since my last one obviously expired. I am directly on the Hiawassee river up here so can use the water for the pond. My desire is to have fun fish to catch but also great tasting to eat. From what I have read, SMB is not out of the question and I can easily keep the water below 85 and probably closer to that 70-80 degree range in the summer. Some hybrid BG with the SMB would be great. I was thinking of having the pond about 7-8 ft at the deepest part but would like advice on that for I want it as good as I can make it. As far as aeration goes, I will be putting in a fountain that will shoot up in the air about 20-25 ft and will run that a few hours each day. I think between that and the Hiawassee river water being pumped in, it should be well oxygenated. I am also planning a waterfall that will be run from the pond or river up to my home and back down on rock ledges so it will be splashing around and dropping nearly 50 ft to the bottom so there will be even more oxygen supplied. I am understanding no more then 10-15% weeds on the edges is preferred also. I will have some large trees to knock over for structure and the pond will have sunlight all day. Any advice on stocking will be much appreciated as well as what forage fish will be the best! I am planning on using pelleted food with an automatic feeder along with a strong ecosystem. I am very patient and from what I have read, it is best to get the forage fish going at least 6 months in advance of stocking. The use of the pond and what my goal is, is very simple. I would like a little fun catching fish and be able to eat some along the way. I have already read many good idea's on here but would like it to be more specific to my area. There is hardly ever any snow in this area and it melts quickly! Very mild winters are the norm but it can get some cold spells.The zone here is between 6b-7a and being on the water I presume 7a.

Thank you!
Posted By: FishinRod Re: Hiawassee Georgia Pond! - 05/21/22 07:39 PM
Sounds like a great pond project!

There is even a chance you could have trout in your pond for much of an annual cycle. I believe there are people on the forum that manage trout with warmer water than yours.

You almost certainly want to start your pond with fathead minnows. They will get your SMB off to a good start, but are usually not a long-term solution. I am not sure that hybrid BG will have enough reproduction to feed a growing population of SMB. You may need an additional forage fish. (I am not a fisheries expert, but hopefully some of those people will chime in!)

Welcome to Pond Boss, and good luck on your pond!
Posted By: Troutguy1 Re: Hiawassee Georgia Pond! - 05/22/22 01:01 AM
Thanks for info FishinRod!

I am always catching Trout for they are in my backyard here and also in Florida where I mainly live so SMB and Bluegill are my top pick here as of now. My waterway empties into Lake Chatuge and the record Hybrid Bass was actually caught very close to my backyard. There are some great trout fishing area's all around me.
Posted By: Pat Williamson Re: Hiawassee Georgia Pond! - 05/22/22 01:17 AM
Speckled trout?
Posted By: Troutguy1 Re: Hiawassee Georgia Pond! - 05/22/22 07:30 PM
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