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Posted By: jim100 Northern pike - 04/05/21 06:01 PM
One of my ponds is about 3/4 of an acre with blue gill and bass. And maybe fathead minnows. And a school of goldfish that I plan to attack with nets and spears.
Is adding ONE Northern Pike a bad idea? I like them and think it would be cool to see it swimming around.
If a terrible idea would a chain pickerel be reasonable?
Posted By: lmoore Re: Northern pike - 04/05/21 06:22 PM
If there was no chance of accidental introduction of a second one, it probably wouldn't be a big deal. I would probably go with something like a Tiger Musky though, as much as anything just from an abundance of caution. Either species could reduce numbers of large bass eventually, so depends on your goals also. I've watched Pike and Musky attack bass up to 18" while they were hooked and being reeled in.
Posted By: Bill Cody Re: Northern pike - 04/06/21 01:08 AM
I doubt the pike will spawn and recruit new pike in a 3/4 pond. Chain pickerel maybe? Plan on the pike eating more bass than BG during the course of a year. Bass are more slender and easier to swallow with less handling time than a bluegill. Plus the bass will have more biomass for the amount catch effort compared to a smaller BG. Pike learn this benefit. The pike might also might eat more goldfish than BG.
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