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Posted By: Chad Horn "OTS" CNBG - 10/17/15 07:46 AM
Hey Guy's

Has any Southern members here stocked "OTS" CNBG? OTS is short for the "Overton Texas Strain" from Overton Fisheries.

I intend to stock 1500 next month if they have them big enough to sell. Just courious if anyone has any results of this particular fish/strain type to share.

Posted By: TGW1 Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/17/15 10:51 AM
Chad, I purchased my first batch of Overton's Copper Nose Bluegill last November. I also purchased some Red Ears and Fathead minnows at the same time. The pond was 1/3 rd full pool, and I wanted some fish in it. I followed up with another batch of OTS CNBG along with some more Red ears and FHM's @ the end of Feb. All of the fish have done well. I have some 7" CNBG in the pond now. Tell us about your pond smile

Posted By: esshup Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/17/15 11:57 AM
Chad, search the forum for those fish. Lots of people around there have stocked them with great results.
Posted By: Flame Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/17/15 01:58 PM
Chad, I stocked my 2 acre pond with otscnbg on Feb. 20th of this year. I stocked 2000 of them only one inch long. Just 5 days ago I caught my new lake record...7 and 1/2 inch long and weighed 6.1 ounces!!! Most of what I catch now are at the 7 inch range. Less than 8 months old!!. I have fed them daily since putting them in but OTS genetics had a lot to do with them. I highly recommend them.
Posted By: highflyer Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/17/15 02:11 PM
You can't go wrong with OTS CNBG. I have them in all of my ponds.

Todd and guys are first class. They will take good care of you.
Posted By: Couppedeville Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/18/15 01:52 AM

I have OTC CNBG in my 1-7/8 acre pond. We have caught up to 10.5" 1 lb 1oz CNBG this summer. I stocked these CNBG in 2012, presently feeding Aquamax 400, 500 & 600 but intend to add the Optimal Bluegill this week to the 3 mixture.

As Highflyer / Flame stated, you cannot go wrong, Todd and personnel are top notch.....dog will even bring you his frisbee to play with him....

Fish are guaranteed for 7 hours travel time, takes me approximately 5-1/2 hours from loading fish to releasing fish, never had a mortality. Fish are healthy, strong.....even the drive up and back is beautiful in the fall if you take the back roads.....reminds me, I will be going that way in December if he has more Rainbow Trout this year....look forward to it...

What part of central Louisiana are you? I may be able to drop off your stock if the timing is right.....save you a trip?

Posted By: Chad Horn Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/20/15 02:56 PM

Thanks a bunch for the feedback on Overtons. I didnt have much doubt after Todd replied back the following day answering my questions about his fish. He definetly seams like a good guy running a professional operation.


Thanks for the offer of possibly hauling fish for me. I live in Pineville. Not to far from your area as you know.

Todd did say it would be at least a month (Mid Nov) before he had some OTS CNBG large enough to sell me. Its going to be a long painful month waiting to get these fish in my pond. I intend to give them nothing but Optimal feed and just see how big these guy's can actually get.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback. I intend to post my entire little painful but successfull story of my 1st new pond. Definetly learnd alot of hard lessons and Im sure there are more coming along the way.

Posted By: Couppedeville Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/21/15 07:46 AM
Pineville is right up the raod from Washington.....I have to pass on interstate not far from there.....stay in touch on timing....

Posted By: Chad Horn Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/23/15 02:11 AM

I talked to Todd today. Some things have changed. I am headed to Buffalo TX on the 27th of this month to pick up 1500 2-4" OTS CNBG. Is there anything I can pick up for you while I am there? I will post some pic's of the 1st new crop next week when my boys release them.

With the fish being 2-4", should I purchase and stock FHM while I am there or will the Optimal Feed be sufficient? Goal is BIG CNBG. The bass will follow in a couple months when there available.

Posted By: Chad Horn Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/27/15 11:28 AM
Making the 9hr round trip drive to Overton's today. Hope I am not rushing things by putting the fish in now. This past rain made the new pond really muddy. I have 8' of water in the pond with 6' left to go. Steady filling with my water well. Trying to beat the next set of rains to slow down the runoff erosion.

I will post some pictures of the new 1,500 OTS CNBG family members after we release them this evening.

Posted By: TGW1 Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/27/15 12:01 PM
Chad, I made a 7 hr round trip to Overton's last Feb. to pick up some additional RES and another 30 lbs of FHM's and some Cargills fish food. Todd did a great job on the packaging of thee fish and they made the trip without any problems.
Drive careful

Posted By: snrub Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/27/15 12:46 PM
I stocked our BG, RES and FHM when the pond was half full and filling and they did fine. Keep in mind that is a lot of water and area for just a few pounds of fish biomass. Main thing is they have food either via a good "bloom" in the water or artificial feed.

I originally was not planning on feeding my fish. But after buying my first bag of feed and "trying it" I was hooked watching the fish feed. FHM will take right to feed and the BG will soon follow their lead.
Posted By: Chad Horn Re: "OTS" CNBG - 10/28/15 02:39 AM
I had a great experience at Overton's today. Todd has a nice set up. Fish were packaged great. The 9hr round trip was painful but is now over. I found 1 dead fish when I got home. Not to bad considering he probably put 100 extra in the order at no extra cost.

I do have to say one thing about Todd. He knew that my plan was to try and grow the OTS CNBG to MAX size/potential. I asked for some FHM. He didn't want to sell me any due to he knew there were other UNKNOWN BG mixed in with his FHM. He did not want to risk mixing them with the new OTS stock in my pond. Even though he offered to pick through them, I was pressed for time. To me that went a long way. Definitely a place I will revisit.
Thanks for the info and advice guys.

Posted By: Dinsmoreoutdoors Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 07:39 AM
So Chad its been over a year, what are your BG looking like now days?? we need some pics!!
Posted By: Chad Horn Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 01:10 PM

Its only been 8 days since I have stocked my new pond. I wish they were a year old already. I do have a question a couple of post down about some dead fish if you have any input.

Posted By: Flame Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 02:57 PM
Chad, Did you see my photos of my "ots" cnbg on the gallery? Gives you some idea of what you have to look forward to from fish from Overtons.
Posted By: esshup Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 03:03 PM
Originally Posted By: Flame
Chad, Did you see my photos of my "ots" cnbg on the gallery? Gives you some idea of what you have to look forward to from fish from Overtons.

Flame, can you pull 5-10 more fish from the pond and post their pictures? I'm curious to see if there is a high percentage that look like that, or even just see what the other fish look like body condition wise.
Posted By: ewest Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 03:16 PM
Genetics are important but the key is and always will be food and water quality resources and management.
Posted By: Flame Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 03:42 PM
esshup, I will admit that fish is exceptionaly large. Right now my average relative weight for over 100 fish caught over the last couple of months is %130. It took me forever to figure out how to get that photo from my phone onto the gallery. Most everything I catch now are at least 7 inches and weigh at least 6 ounces. All were stocked at 1 inch February 20th of this year.I will certainly try to post some more photos for you as I catch them. I keep records on every fish I catch...date,length.weight,lure used,time of day,some weather conditions. I watch my feeder go off every morning and evening. My pond is only 150 ft from the back door of my house.
Posted By: Dinsmoreoutdoors Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 05:20 PM
whoops sorry Chad saw your Registered date and thought it was post date lol
Posted By: RER Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 07:05 PM
Didn't OTS CNBG come from Lake Okeechobee or the everglades originally?
Posted By: ewest Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 07:32 PM
I don't know where Todd got his first source but some came from George back to Todd. Those offspring are the OTS CNBG.

One Nice Coppernose -


CNBG variation Fla vs Ark -

ots club

helment dev great pics including Richmond Mill



Posted By: sprkplug Re: "OTS" CNBG - 11/04/15 07:48 PM
From what I understand there are at least a couple variations on the CNBG sourced from Florida waters, as well as the southeastern coastal regions.
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