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Todd Overton with Overton Fisheries, Inc, and Mike Frazier with Camelot Bell Ranch would like to announce our 2014 Lunker Fingerling Program. Camelot Bell ranch is located near Coolidge, TX, where Mike Frazier raises trophy whitetail deer and largemouth bass. See the link: Camelot Bell Home Page

Mike Frazier has recently added a 14.5# and 15.5# lunker female Florida bass to his brood pond along with some very large select male broodstock. We expect to have these lunker fingerlings available for sale as 2-3" fish by the first of June.

See the videos of these lunker females: 14.5# Lunker Female Florida Bass
15.5# Lunker Female Florida Bass

If you have a new lake or pond and are setting up for trophy bass then don't pass up this golden opportunity to stock the best genetics available anywhere. Contact us with questions and orders.
Do you ship?
I am ready to add lmb to my pond this year after stocking bluegill and flatheads last summer
I hope he meant fatheads I was wondering if they will have 6 to 8 inch fish at some point
Originally Posted By: Bassdge
Do you ship?
I am ready to add lmb to my pond this year after stocking bluegill and flatheads last summer

Camelot bell LMB are pure Florida LMB, not suitable for your part of VA...
Yeah I was kinda thinking that cj but didn't want too burst a bubble lol frown
Originally Posted By: Bluegillerkiller

is a poor ole flathead on the "sh.. list" too?

No their on the top of any list because they can literally eat the rest of the list..
Yes, fathead minnows
Spell check on iPad must have got me.

Vdgif stocked Florida Strain in briery creek with huge success.
I realize I am an about 45 miles north of them.
I was hoping a mix of "local" and the florida strain would work
By local I mean a local hatchery....
Briery Creek is a large body of water and isn't as prone to temperature swings. You can certainly try FL strain LMB, just expect mortalities. Now is the time to try Camelot Bell fingerlings if you decide to go that route, as your pond currently is devoid of predators. I would stock no more than 25% of your bass as Camelot Bell LMB though. Make a new post in this sub forum and we can unhijack this thread... You have more work to do on your pond besides just adding BG and FHM if you want to produce trophy bass IMO.
We are pleased to announce that our fry sampling efforts on May 16, 2014 at the Camelot Bell lunker fingerlings production pond revealed significant numbers of bass fry. We are taking orders for these lunker fingerlings right now. These should be 2-3" by mid-June. If you have a new lake or pond, or if you want to stock these in a grow out pond for future transfer, then now is the time to act. These fish will be available by mid-June, and our goal is to have them stocked for all clients by the end of June. Please place your orders by contacting Todd Overton at Overton Fisheries.

Here is short video of recent fry sampling efforts: 2014 Camelot Bell Fry Sampling Video

Please pass this one to anyone you know who may be interested. We will service clients from out of state as well. This is a unique program in the private fisheries management industry, with the goal of providing you with the best Florida largemouth bass genetics possible.
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