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Posted By: Mfitzs70 Never seen this before - 05/26/21 09:23 AM
Sorry for the picture quality but if you look close or can zoom in there's a frog with a bird in it's mouth. I don't know if the bird died first and the frog decided to eat it or if the frog actually caught it. Anyone ever seen a frog take a bird?


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Posted By: RAH Re: Never seen this before - 05/26/21 09:38 AM
My wife has recounted an experience when she was a child where a bullfrog took up residence at their backyard gold fish pond and would challenge anyone who approached. One day she found it dead with a bird in its mouth. Literally bit off more that it could chew.
Posted By: jpsdad Re: Never seen this before - 05/26/21 12:12 PM
I have seen footage of Bullfrogs where they laid in wait to prey on watering birds just like Wells Catfish do for pigeons, foxes, and pets. It may have been Marty Stouffers Wild America, a PBS program many years ago. I can't remember exactly but wish I could recall the program precisely, I would like to view it again. grin

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Posted By: Mama Rachael Re: Never seen this before - 07/02/21 03:06 AM
Makes me think of the catfish that eat pigeons over in Italy (or some southern European country). Its in the Plant Earth 2, Cities episode. Some animals are very opportunistic!
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