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Needing help here in GA. bought a new home and it has a pond on it. the pond is feed by natural springs. as luck would have it i have a couple springs that came to the surface about ten yards or so from the pond making the ground there unusable. how do i get this water funneled back into the pond. the surfacing springs sit on higher ground and they are draining into the pond but on the surface. would a french drain work ? just having trouble figuring out a solution.

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Welcome to the forum. Yep, a french drain should work. trench parallel to the pond bank, run a few drain fingers from that to the pond. If the french drain is lower than the water level in the pond, the water will back up in it from the pond, but once the water in it is higher than the pond water level it will drain into the pond.
thanks esshup for the idea. i was thinking the same but wanted to hear from folks with the pond knowledge as well.
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