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Posted By: Kyscentlok Pond Liner - 08/06/20 07:56 PM
Anyone have any insight on a pond liner. I have a good friend that has a leak. Need 110’ x 110’ pond liner. Do’s Don’t. Recommendations on where to purchase liner? Central Kentucky thanks again
Posted By: Dave Davidson1 Re: Pond Liner - 08/07/20 11:26 AM
I recall a PB Mag issue, don't remember which one, that was loaded with liner stuff. You can contact the PB office. They sell copies of back issues.
Posted By: jim100 Re: Pond Liner - 08/07/20 12:11 PM
Some can survive exposed to uv. Some have to be covered by a layer of soil. Heavy and a lot of work. Not cheap. And heavy.
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