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Posted By: RC51 Triming things up - 05/06/20 07:32 PM
Well this weekend we finally got the rest of the trim up on the cabin. It looked so good I had to put at least one of my deer up on the wall for now. LOL Thought I would share a few pics. Well I tried to post these correctly but I guess I am doing something wrong. Not sure it worked yesterday??

[img] http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=16069&filename=Cabin1.jpg [/img]

[img] http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=16070&filename=Cabin2.jpg [/img]

[img] http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=16071&filename=Cabin Wall.jpg [/img]

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Posted By: Quarter Acre Re: Triming things up - 05/06/20 07:55 PM
I love the car-siding look. I have that in my cabin sized house too. Looks real good. BTW...I was able to click the links inbetween the "img"'s and see the photos. Is it he spaces before and after the brackets that are messing it up?
Posted By: RStringer Re: Triming things up - 05/06/20 08:50 PM
Looks damn good to me. Is your cabin next to your pond?
Posted By: Dave Davidson1 Re: Triming things up - 05/07/20 12:33 PM
Very nice
Posted By: Augie Re: Triming things up - 05/10/20 06:23 PM
Love the knotty car siding. We used it on the ceiling in Mrs. Augie's sun room.
Posted By: RC51 Re: Triming things up - 05/21/20 07:12 PM
Thanks guys. Yes RStringer it's about 90 feet from it. Here is a pic from off the deck just on the other side of that wall.

[Linked Image]

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