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Posted By: Landon Floating covered dock - 12/09/19 04:02 PM

I own a 1 acre pond in Ohio. I am looking to build a covered dock. I have attached an image similar to the one I am wanting to build without the front rectangular section. Has anyone done this as a floating dock? Any concerns in terms of stability? Also, how does ice affect the square dock floats? Thanks, any advice is appreciated.

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Posted By: Snipe Re: Floating covered dock - 12/09/19 06:26 PM
Welcome Landon!
I have not put a cover on mine (12X16) because of concerns with wind in my area.
I think ice can affect anything "on" the water and especially if the dock is hard point anchored to shore. It may require some sort of aerator around dock to keep it mostly free of ice.
Stability shouldn't be an issue if float # and position are such that mass is "inside" float area.
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