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Posted By: wbuffetjr Trail cam pics - 10/15/21 03:37 PM
Was just able to pull my cards from trail cams and check pics from last fall. I set the cameras out last September and just got back to them. This was the first hunting season I have missed out there in 15 years. Hoping this guy is still around this year and makes it into next fall. May be wishful thinking since I got multiple lions on a camera about 100 yards away. Will post those pics later.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
Posted By: FishinRod Re: Trail cam pics - 10/16/21 08:08 PM
Fingers crossed that he comes back to visit your property again this winter!

I assume you subscribe to the deer version of the old roach motel advertising line,

"Monster bucks check in, but they don't check out!"
Posted By: RAH Re: Trail cam pics - 10/16/21 08:17 PM
Is that a mule deer?
Posted By: wbuffetjr Re: Trail cam pics - 10/18/21 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by FishinRod
"Monster bucks check in, but they don't check out!"
Haha! Exactly!!

Rah - yes, a Mulie.
Posted By: FishinRod Re: Trail cam pics - 10/18/21 02:47 PM
My property is whitetails only. However, I have been working in western Kansas lately and have seen whitetails and mulies in adjacent draws and fields.

Does anyone know how they interact when there is species range overlap? Are they generally good neighbors as long as food is plentiful? When the rut starts do the mulies run off all of the whitetail bucks?

I believe hybrids are possible. Has anybody seen or shot any hybrids?

Not important questions - I am just asking to be curious.
Posted By: esshup Re: Trail cam pics - 10/22/21 02:27 PM
I have heard that Whitetails will out compete Mulies in areas where they overlap and yes, I believe I have heard of interbreeding.
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