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Posted By: Pond Star Merganser Question - Help !! - 12/05/19 05:37 AM

1/2 acre pond - started about 3 weeks ago - when I get up in the morning there are 5-20 Mergansers in my pond. Did not see any all summer and now here they are. I am in Oregon and cold weather has set in, so I am sure this has something to do with them showing up now.

My question is- I see them diving down and coming back up, but really don't see them with any fish in their beaks. You Tube videos show them surfacing with fish in their beaks and then working to swallow them. Why am I not seeing that ? Can they catch fish and eat them while still under water - seems unlikely, but I am no bird expert.

Pond has largemouth bass, bluegill, grass carp, and minnows.

Your thoughts ??
Posted By: Heppy Re: Merganser Question - Help !! - 12/06/19 03:58 AM
When is duck season in Oregon and what’s the limit on mergansers?

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