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Posted By: zoeconner Fixing a pond leak - 08/14/20 11:18 PM
in Ohio and probably going to be looking for sodium bentonite. Any help? Looking about 20-30tons.
Posted By: Morty Re: Fixing a pond leak - 09/21/20 12:17 PM
Jones Fish if you are in southern Ohio.
Posted By: zoeconner Re: Fixing a pond leak - 10/20/20 11:12 PM
Kind of looking into polymer pond sealer. Anyone ever use?
Posted By: canyoncreek Re: Fixing a pond leak - 10/21/20 01:23 AM
Read through this thread and if you are interested, our local Soil-Floc expert can chime in and guide you through this problem. Please don't sink money into dump truck loads of bentonite till you talk to TJ.

SoilFloc thread...rather long
Posted By: teehjaeh57 Re: Fixing a pond leak - 10/21/20 05:23 AM
Thanks Jeff! Email sent.
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