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Posted By: FishinRod Happy Birthday Cecil! - 12/05/21 05:07 PM
Happy Birthday!

I regret that I lack the appropriate photoshops to add to this post.

Hopefully, "those" people will chime in shortly!
Posted By: FishinRod Re: Happy Birthday Cecil! - 12/05/21 05:13 PM
I used to read lots of posts by Cecil when I first joined the forum. I just realized, I do not recall reading anything lately.

A quick search indicates he has not posted since 2016.

Do any friends of Cecil know his current status? (If that is information to be shared on the forum.)

Posted By: highflyer Re: Happy Birthday Cecil! - 12/06/21 04:45 AM
Cecil, Happy Birthday, hope you come back soon.
Posted By: ewest Re: Happy Birthday Cecil! - 12/06/21 04:05 PM
[Linked Image from i26.photobucket.com]
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