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Posted By: Downrigger56304 Water test - 04/27/21 11:56 PM
I will be moving to take over my grandfather’s farming operation and had the water tested and these are the results. I knew I had hard water but was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on a softener system. Thanks

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Posted By: esshup Re: Water test - 04/28/21 03:42 AM
Maybe I'm just getting old (hey there, no comments from the peanut gallery LOL) but I can't read the numbers on the charts.
Posted By: Dave Davidson1 Re: Water test - 04/28/21 11:26 AM
Agree with Scott
Posted By: Downrigger56304 Re: Water test - 04/29/21 04:44 AM
Let’s try this way

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Posted By: Downrigger56304 Re: Water test - 04/29/21 04:46 AM
And I am not sure why both are kinda fuzzy
Posted By: Dave Davidson1 Re: Water test - 04/29/21 09:39 AM
I know nothing about softeners
Posted By: Augie Re: Water test - 04/29/21 01:33 PM
Your best bet would be to take the water test report to the nearest plumbing supply house and get their recommendation.
Don't bother with the big box stores, and stay away from Culligan/EcoWater/etc. Those outfits want to hook you for residuals.

I installed a Water-Right softener when we built our new home back in '07. I keep the brine tank stocked with salt and otherwise
never touch the thing. Only issue I've ever had was getting a chunk of bell pipe gasket stuck in the control valve after the
water district did a repair on the main line out at the road. I went to the supply house where I bought it and told em what it was doing.
They sent me home with a new valve and loaned me the tool that's needed for R&R. The old valve wasn't hurt, but I already
had it apart so I installed the new one. Kept the old one for a spare. There's a coin cell battery that keeps the timer running
when the power goes out. That thing has to be replaced once every ten years or so. It's been a very reliable system.
Posted By: esshup Re: Water test - 04/29/21 01:55 PM
At 340 PPM for hardness (20 grains per gallon) and having iron content that is almost 5 times normal you will most likely need a green sand filter too or something to take out the iron in addition to the softener. The Calcium, Mag and Manganese are high but the softener should lower their levels too.

I doubt that just a single water softener system will take care of everything, it might have to be a 2 part system.
Posted By: Journeyman Re: Water test - 04/29/21 06:34 PM
I use this to soften my well water;

And this to filter drinking water, plumbed into fridge water/ice;

They work quite well, second house with this set-up. Just make sure you have a sediment filter on incoming water supply. Something like this;
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