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Posted By: Kyscentlok Minnows not feeding in Forage pond? - 05/07/21 05:25 AM
Minnows in forage pond are not feeding hardly at all
the ones in 1 acre pond are feeding like crazy
Minnow pond dimensions
18 yards. 54 feet
10 yards. 30 feet
Average depth
2.5 feet
Deepest 4ft
Thursday April 15.
Added 15 pounds shiners 15 pounds rosy red each in minnow pond and 1 acre pond

1acre pond water samples sent off ph was 7.4
Did not check my minnow pond but it is murky
It eventually drains into pond through a 6” overflow pipe. Visibility 5”

1acre visibility 22”

Curious if adding pellet lime might clear
And have them feed like the 1acre pond?
Posted By: Snipe Re: Minnows not feeding in Forage pond? - 05/07/21 06:28 PM
Too many variables to say you have an issue.. GSH don't feed as much on pellets in murky water but FHM do.. Could be a plankton rich situation and they don't want anything else.
Maybe they are busy spawning in the smaller pond (warmer)? I wouldn't worry too much about it, they eat when hungry and it may not be the pellets.
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