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Posted By: azteca Tadpoles. - 02/17/21 06:49 PM

When I made the first video on Yellow-perch larvae, I seemed to see Toad tadpoles eating larvae below the light, both are attracted to light and are found in the same place at the same time in large amount.

About the amount of larvae I don't mind so much but I would just like to know.

Have you ever seen this.

Yes I know Tadpoles are herbivores.

This spring I will put larvae and tadpoles together to see.

But since spring, I ask the question.
Posted By: Jim Wetzel Re: Tadpoles. - 02/17/21 09:22 PM
What types of salamaders do you have in your area, especially mole salamanders like Tiger, Spotted and Smallmouth?
Posted By: azteca Re: Tadpoles. - 02/17/21 10:03 PM

Here is a video with these tadpoles, it is not tadpoles of frog but tadpoles of toads.

Is it possible that if the opportunity is given to them they could be carnivorous for the fish larvae.

Posted By: jim100 Re: Tadpoles. - 02/17/21 11:12 PM
Tough to see who ate what. Interesting video though. I watched a big toad this summer parked right in the middle of a swarm of ants coming out of the ground with wings. That thing ate and ate for longer than I had time to watch. Anything is possible I guess.
Posted By: Jim Wetzel Re: Tadpoles. - 02/18/21 12:06 AM
Typical Bufo toads are not carnivorous. Do you have Spadefoot toads where you live? I did not see anything in video that made me think the tadpoles are eating the fish.
Posted By: azteca Re: Tadpoles. - 02/18/21 03:55 AM

No in the video the fry have nothing to fear from tadpoles they are big enough.

But the Yellow-perch larvae (see the little video) unlike the tadpoles at this stage the tadpoles seem to grow quickly, and with the light I put them in the presence of each other.
The occasion make the larron.(Opportunity make the thief).


Perhaps I'am completely in the field.

This spring I will put tadpoles and larvae in a bucket and I will see.
Posted By: azteca Re: Tadpoles. - 06/04/21 02:29 AM

Toad tadpoles are omnivorous, although they are primarily herbivores, if they have the opportunity to eat meat they will eat it.

Under the light with my Yellow-perch fry they eat Daphnia and I gave them dog food that they eat quickly.

Posted By: Dave Davidson1 Re: Tadpoles. - 06/04/21 10:33 AM
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