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Posted By: DonoBBD Smoking fish? - 08/08/20 01:51 PM
Not sure if this is the place for this post.

I am looking at smoking some fish. I have a BK 500 and would like to try my hand at smoking some trout.

Any brine mixes and cook time and temps would be great.

Cheers Don.
Posted By: Augie Re: Smoking fish? - 08/08/20 02:45 PM
Here's one from the Traeger site:


I've found most of the recipes there to be great as far as the seasonings go, but almost every one of them will give you cinders
if you follow the time and temp recommendations. If I was going to do it I'd use the smoke setting (~165° on my T), or maybe
up to 180°, but I wouldn't go any higher than that.
Posted By: snrub Re: Smoking fish? - 08/09/20 01:26 PM
Wife has smoked catfish that turned out good. She had a recipe in an old Pond Boss Magazine for smoked catfish dip. But I don't know that there was a specific recipe for smoking it.
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