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Posted By: Dilley New pond filled up need suggestions - 09/13/18 10:13 PM
I just built a 1/2 acre pond damming up a dry creek. It has good clay but some spotty gravel in a few spots. By spotty i mean 1" wide sprinkled around.

I was going to put bentonite down on the bottom 4'or so just for good measure but before the bentonite got here i got 6" of rain and the pond is full to the brim.

Its about 10' deep on average. I also have a water well to it.

My question is should i just let it drain and do the bentonite or should i turn the well on and see if it seals up fine?

I would love to save the money, but at the same time I want to avoid future hassles.

What would you do? Is there a time limit i should give it before i decide?
Posted By: Mfitzs70 Re: New pond filled up need suggestions - 09/14/18 11:25 AM
For whatever it's worth I was told by a very wise man...Do It Right the FIRST Time and I've found that advice to be true to this day. I've probably still have bruises to show for that. LOL...but I suggest doing it right..not hoping it seals and after you get it stocked to find out it wasn't and something comes loose 2yrs from now when you have a pond in good shape and have to drain. Just my thoughts
I have quite a bit of experience damming up a creek. Iíve done 3 times. Heavy rains took it and the rip rap out every time
Posted By: Dilley Re: New pond filled up need suggestions - 09/14/18 02:44 PM
yeah i guess i'll let it drain. Hopefully doesn't take forever.

Dave, luckily this particular creek is dammed up north of my property as well so it's basically only my property run off that will go into it.

6" filled it up though I was surprised with that.
Posted By: Quarter Acre Re: New pond filled up need suggestions - 09/14/18 06:54 PM
Three things can happen, I suppose.

1.) The pond drains back down real fast and the answer to our question becomes painfully obvious. OR...
2.) It can drain down real slow-like. This is probably the worst scenario because you have to guess if it will fix itself or not. Then...
3.) It does not leak down at all. You may wonder if it ever will, but we all wonder that with our ponds.

If #1 happens, I would pump'er down the rest of the way and get the clay in there.

If #2, A slow drain would drive me mental and I would have to drain that down to fix as well.

BUT #3...I' might roll the dice on that one and put some forage in next spring and see how it does. Then stock the following year if it holds.

Just my opinion!
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