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There is a story in today's Dallas Morning News Sports section about Bob Lusk and panfish, it's a good article. I would sure like to know if Bob has a photo or two of the 1 lb. 10 oz BG he's shock up.
Here is a link to Bob's story:


The table of public versus private TX state sunfish records was interesting. TDPW doesn't separate the two categories to allow "small" private waters fish to get listed, do they?
Theo, it's listed in Bob's book ! (Raising Trophy Bass) Weren't you paying attention \:\) I quote from page 107 : "The state of Texas keeps two sets of fishing records, one for public waters, the other for private impoundments" Bob was also kind enough to include a chart on states that count fish as records when they are taken from private waters. Grab your copy and look on the back cover at Bob's picture, he looks pretty upset at something, it's a funny picture, like someone told him they just built a pond and only stocked 100 lmb \:D
I knew that TX had two sets of records. I didn't know the private pond sunfish records blew the public water records away.
Calm down Theo, I like messin with you...but what about the picture of Lusk \:D

Also, I'm getting a bad vibe from Cecil about this...His numbers blow away everything, but aren't recognized??? What does that say...they can't raise new records in the polluted waters they govern?

As a sidebar conversation, would a world record buck qualify it it was behind 'high fence'??? What about a turkey that can fly over them??? It gets a person thinking...I know a 25 lb. LMB from private waters would be accepted into the Lone Star "Share a Lunker" program, and it's offspring would end up in public waters for a possible new state record. Politicians don't like the idea that a group of individuals can out perform their managed standards. That my friend is funny ! Considering we do it from our own pockerbooks, and the Fishing Licence Fees that generate millions (if not billions) of dollars deliver an inferrior product.
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