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Posted By: axen To much water? - 04/15/15 11:24 PM
I have been trying to construct a new pond in Myakka Florida and failed miserably. I paid the first guy $2000 to come out and dig 1/4 acre pond. it took him a month to complete and after he left and the water cleared it was only about 6 feet deep. I paid a second guy to come out with a much larger machine $2000 to finish it. My pond grew by about 10 feet all around but when the mud cleared it is still only about 6 feet deep. The water table is only about 1 foot below the surface and all of the material in the ground is sand. A 4" trash pump has a hard time keeping the water out of the pond to dig it comes in so fast and I am guessing the sides of the pond are washing out filling in the center after it is dug. Can anyone offer me any solutions before I waste and more money?
Posted By: Bill D. Re: To much water? - 04/15/15 11:42 PM
Welcome to PBF Axen,

I have had the same experience with my water table pond except I have hired guys 3 times instead of two!. I have the 4th guy scheduled for May. From what I have seen, the equipment used to date is just too small to have the reach required to get the depth in a water table pond. My 4th try, I have hired a guy with a large excavator (10 yd bucket) to get er dun! Yes, I will have to pay $500 to $1000 for road permits for transporting this big of equipment and it will not be cheap by the hour to operate. But at least it will get done the way I want it. A piece of equipment this size can make a huge deep puddle in two days.

I am not a pro, hopefully, one will see yer post and offer an opinion to your problem.



Bill D.
Posted By: Mike Otto Re: To much water? - 04/16/15 12:22 PM
Welcome aboard axem
How much does the water go up and down?
How deep do you want the pond?

What are you doing with the material?
Worked In Florida--same deal high water table--but the material was like beach sand---the equipment could run down in the hole( of course the pump was running all the time) the material was pushed to the side then lifted out with a trackhoe.
Just something to think about
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