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Posted By: DanielVW Where to get water test kit - 10/05/20 06:42 PM
I live in central Oklahoma and I am seeking some advice on where to obtain a water test kit.
Water is clear and can see 2 foot down. However it hasn’t been this clear since I bought the property.
Before I found this forum and subscribed to pond boss magazine I read a article by the Oklahoma Department of wildlife conservation. The article suggested that putting straw barley hay bails in the pond upto 5 bails, and let it do its thing. Well that’s what I did back in May and now it’s super clear.
I would like to keep it that way and so I would like to get a good test kit and learn how to maintain good water chemistry.
Any guidance would be great.
Thanks, Daniel
Posted By: esshup Re: Where to get water test kit - 10/06/20 10:07 PM
Hach makes test kits. Hach water test kits

They make water test kits that will test 1 or many of parameters.

Off the subject, do you know anyone in that area with the last name of LeMaster?
Posted By: Joshua Flowers Re: Where to get water test kit - 10/26/20 12:43 AM
Did you get your water tested?

Theres a few options besides a HACH test kit, besides it also gives you a Quality Assurance to have an outside test done. Noble Foundation,Oklahoma Sate University Extension, or local water authority can help give you the QA test.
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