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Posted By: Funky Black water in pond - 10/31/19 08:54 PM
My pond is going on 6 years old, half-acre, total clay. Here in Michigan we have had a very wet fall, pond is overflowing as I type this. But this is the first year I have noticed the water look more of a black color than usual milk chocolate color. Anyone have a reason for this? Thanks!
Posted By: nbell Re: Black water in pond - 11/01/19 11:13 AM
Mine turned black from Oak Tannin
Posted By: RAH Re: Black water in pond - 11/01/19 11:49 AM
Our stream turns coffee color from leaves this time of year.
Posted By: Funky Re: Black water in pond - 11/03/19 01:36 AM
Thanks for the input, maybe it is just the age of my pond now getting a bit older and having the leaves build up more. I will keep an eye on the water chemistry and see what the future brings!
Posted By: gehajake Re: Black water in pond - 11/03/19 10:19 PM
Mine is reasonably brownish from oak tannin, got caught with a lot of oak treetops in the pool area, pond filled up faster then planned.
Posted By: Dave Davidson1 Re: Black water in pond - 11/04/19 09:18 PM
When I pushed some, actually a lot, of green oaks into mine prior to filling, it killed everything I stocked. I had to pump it dry and let Texas summer heat dry everything out and hope for rain.
Posted By: Redonthehead Re: Black water in pond - 11/04/19 10:20 PM
Maybe not related, but silver maple leaves are leaving a black stain on my new concrete driveway after a rain, with black streaks running downhill.
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