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Trying to remove or at least get this knocked down to no more than half the pond.

Would prefer a biological solution such as fish to feed on it.

Neighbor tells me zlarge Mouth Bass & Carp are in pond. Water tests a bit acidic as well.

Would an aeration system help? Total surface are is a bit over an acre.

Overflow via a standpipe that is usually above waterline.

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I would use some granular 2-4-d (navigate?) or the aquatic version of roundup.(glyphosate) Small areas at a time.
So is the plant in the photo in fact Watershield? Trying to make sure i
I am solving the issue at hand.
Just read all 4 pages of the "Muck Eating Bacteria Experiment" seems that aquatic plants grow because they have nutrients (yup, call me captain obvious). So reducing the nutrients or muck will reduce the plants.

Grass Carp would be awesome but they are restricted here in NC. Maybe some Tilapia & Catfish. Also seems like an aeration system would be quite helpful.
I will bet you will end up spraying it. Habitat works the best on it, but you have to watch translocation if you have trees at the edge of the pond.
Picked up 10 12" Koi from someone who bought a house with a Koi pond they didn't want.

I know the Koi won't eat the leaves but they do seem to be going after the roots as I see the plants shaking.

This weekend I'll try to drag a section of wire fence across the pond to pull up 1/4 of the Water Shield.

Depending on how well that goes might try more or go nuclear i.e. herbicide.
Follow up after a few months.

Got tied up with home repairs so I brought in a "profesional pond maintenance outfit" They sprayed some Habitat around which seems to have helped a lot. Helped so much we now have a few Heron that stop by for breakfast.

Sadly one of the Heron suffered a stroke or some other malaise so it moved on from hunter to feed stock for another predator.

The warning label on those herbicides scares the daylights out of me. I am 6 years in remission from Lyphoma so a bit more cautious with those warnings.
We use these what we call space suits at work. They r really pretty cheap. We get them by the case. Surely they can be bought just one somewhere. I'm not promoting this product in particular just the style.
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DogFather ... we can remove the water shield chemical free. Contact me pristinepondsolutions@gmail.com
I'd go with a spray on type herbicide.

I used a granular Navigate product and it was very slow to work and then killed all the water shield in the pond on a temporary basis (I only placed it on one shoreline). The. areas it was placed was mostly wiped out at the root while rest of pond grew back somewhat.
It is also an expensive product.

I then tried Polaris and sprayed it in spots where I want to remove it - this is cheaper and easier to control.

I found liming my pond with pelletized lime made the bloom take off and the decreased visibility has put the water shield in check.
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