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Posted By: Cody Sandhoff Tilapia Doing Work - 06/03/19 03:16 AM
The Tilapia are doing some work, or the f algae is dispersing on its own with the recent temperatures.
the picture with the Rosey Reds was May 16th.
Second photo was today.
Final photo is Sutton's Tilapia haha, When the lady found out I had a baby girl and one of the tilapia with pink fins/tail decided to launch its self out of the tank, she said I needed to take it with me.



Posted By: canyoncreek Re: Tilapia Doing Work - 06/03/19 05:15 PM
Cody, Your pictures aren't showing up in the forum as embedded pictures in your post.

I suspect if you go into your own post and edit it and take out the last slash after the word public and before the square bracket on each line that should allow the pictures to show up in your message properly.

A mod might be able to do that simple edit for you too.

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