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Posted By: Custom 68 need help with Algae id - 04/28/22 03:22 PM
Hi all, I hope these photos give enough clarity for some help. I have researched this some but had hopes it is just the standard issue "green" algae but as I have looked I see an awful lot of resemblance to the dreaded blue-green algae.
I don't have much that is on the surface like shown here but what I am concerned and wondering about is the "stuff" that can be seen floating in the water column.
I have not taken a water temp yet but in Missouri we are just starting to warm up. We have had a few nice days but cooler nights.
Any help on what it is and what I should do would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Posted By: Bill Cody Re: need help with Algae id - 04/28/22 11:59 PM
I think from a casual look and picture it is probably Aphanizomenon.
Posted By: jpsdad Re: need help with Algae id - 04/29/22 12:13 AM
+1 to what Bill said
Posted By: Custom 68 Re: need help with Algae id - 04/29/22 12:32 AM
Thanks guys. I had also found this useful guide Noel had posted https://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=537774
It had me wondering if that might be it. Bill your "casual" look will say a lot.
So with that what proactive things can I do? I'm hoping to get a head of the mess. I have started my aeration hopefully that's a start in the right direction.
Again thank you
Posted By: Bill Cody Re: need help with Algae id - 04/29/22 01:27 AM
I would use an algaecide to spray on all those floating gatherings as they appear and collect because they likely serve as incubation areas. I would also do some literature web searching for Aphanizomenon to see if there is anything that you can do to help manage the cause for the stimulus for its growth of the Cyanobacteria algae named Aphanizomenon. Without seeing it using a microscope I cannot give it a specie name. Aphanizomenon is the genus name.
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