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Posted By: Flame water surface 98 already?? - 06/13/21 11:33 PM
I just took a surface temp at 6pm this evening and it read 98 degrees already!! Can that be right? It did get to 94 air temp today. I have not run my aeriation since early last fall and my water clarity is the BEST it has ever been at about 30 inch on secchi dish. I suppose I need to start the aeriation again but I sure hate to lose that beautiful clear water! I can finally SEE my fish and enjoy watching them again. My 2 acre pond is and has been at full pool for several months now because of all the east Texas rains. I realize if I start aeriation again I will have to ease into it 15 minutes at a time. What do ya'll think?? I know there are many ponds without aeriation. Should I fire it up?? If I do I suppose I have to run it all summer long again right?? Just not sure what to do. Pond is in best shape it has ever been in and catching bass the best EVER!!
Posted By: anthropic Re: water surface 98 already?? - 06/13/21 11:57 PM
Wow. My surface temp was 85.5 midday, probably a little higher later but not 98!

For sure you must have a big temp difference underneath the thermocline. All the rain may have helped, especially if you take water out of the bottom via a standpipe arrangement. Now that it's getting really hot & rain has tapered off, though, trouble may await.

How deep is your place? What are temps below the thermocline? I'd be cautious about mixing if the fish seem to be doing okay, but then I'm sure no expert.
Posted By: Flame Re: water surface 98 already?? - 06/14/21 12:36 AM
I don't have standpipe. Only a dirt spillway. I don't have any way to test temps under water or at thermocline. I just have a floating pool thermometer. Same one I have been using for several years. We are supposed to have a tropical storm next weekend so I may just wait a little longer before I fire up the aeriation. My deepest part is only between 11-12 foot.
Posted By: Quarter Acre Re: water surface 98 already?? - 06/14/21 12:58 PM
Keep in mind that the very surface of the water can get very hot. I'm talking the top few inches of water. Then it drops pretty quick. The top few inches of water can be very sporadic and I have found that temperature checks between 12 and 18" below the surface to be much more consistent and meaningful.

I've used a cheap pool thermometer too and have tied a large nut to it to make it sink and tied knots in the line to determine how deep I'm measuring...18" and 1 foot increments from there. I just hang it off the dock to take my measurements. Without a dock you would have to tie a empty plastic bottle to it at the depth you want to check (think fishing bobber with a weight tied to the thermometer on a longer throw cord).

Some ponds have trouble with aeration and getting murky, some don't. I like to think that a pond is better with aeration, unless it caused the clarity to get less than 18". I would consider starting it for 15 minutes and see it it brings up any muddy water. And, watch for murkier waters as you increase run times.
Posted By: Flame Re: water surface 98 already?? - 06/14/21 05:48 PM
QA... I sent a message but it didn't go on forum for some reason. My water clarity had got to only 6 inches and stayed that way for darn near 2 years!! I like your idea about weighting down the pool meter. I will check lower water temps and make a decision. Also good idea if I turn aeriator back on to monitor the clarity and if it even starts turning murky again I can shut it back down. Thanks. Input from anyone else is also certainly welcome!
Posted By: Quarter Acre Re: water surface 98 already?? - 06/14/21 06:20 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by this...
Originally Posted by Flame
QA... I sent a message but it didn't go on forum for some reason. ...
Did you try to send me a Private Message?
Posted By: Flame Re: water surface 98 already?? - 06/14/21 07:06 PM
No I did not send a PM. It was just a post on to the forum. Anyway.... good news update. It is 2pm here and I weighted the pool thermometer like you said right of the bottom in 4 1/2 foot water. Air temp it 94, water surface temp was 97 degrees again but.... 4 foot down it was only 86!!! Yaaay! I feel much better now! 10-12 degrees difference. Don't know what temp is out in 12 foot of water on the bottom but it must be good.
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