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Posted By: SmithMilitia Circulation from well pump? - 07/06/19 02:09 PM
I have a 1.5 acre pond that is feed by a 180' deep well 1.5 hp pump that flows about 30-40gpm it comes in on one end of the pond at about water level. The pond looks very clean and fish are very healthy but I would like to get more circulation as the water seems really warm on the top and is probably not near the bottom. I just finally got the well pump replaced yesterday and am topping off the pond the about 2-3 feet it was low. It was filled a couple months ago just from rain but this will keep it full all the time and keep fresh water coming in. Anyway to my question do you think if I make the 2 inch line taper down or add a valve to up the pressure or add a spray bar etc I can get the circulation of the water up without adding aerators? Have any of you done this or maybe added a line to make a large sprayer?

Thanks in advance
Posted By: Snipe Re: Circulation from well pump? - 07/06/19 10:17 PM
I have a similar situation at my pond. I added a venturi to my main line-also 2"- to suck a bit of air into the low DO water, but I don't want my temps equal top to bottom. Mine is about 11.5' at the deepest, full-pool and my main line comes in and is anchored in 7' coming straight up about 1' off of bottom. I can also run 120gpm open flow and it's quite a boil.
I still decided it best to buy an aerator and run night cycles only in the heat. I think it's helped my water quality substantially.
Posted By: Kris B Re: Circulation from well pump? - 07/16/19 02:41 PM
How did you setup your venturi into the well feed line, just a tee with a vertical air draw?
Posted By: TGW1 Re: Circulation from well pump? - 07/17/19 12:49 PM
I have a 2" line from my water well that produces around 50 gpm and I drilled a hole in the top side of the line and then set a half inch six inch long pipe into the hole to where it will suck air into the water line and feed the water. You can actually see the difference in the water/air mixture as it comes out of the water line simply by putting my finger over the small piece of pipe.
Posted By: Kris B Re: Circulation from well pump? - 07/18/19 02:45 AM
Great, thanks! Hopefully my pond will be refurbished and filing up in the next month or two, and I'd like to suck a little oxygen in as I fill it up!
Posted By: Snipe Re: Circulation from well pump? - 07/18/19 03:20 AM
Kris, I meant to take a pic of mine today but I forgot while there.
I tried several combinations of sizes and I ended up using a reducer from 2" down to 3/4", 6" of pipe then back to 2". At the down stream end of 3/4" I drilled a hole for a carbon arrow shaft sticking straight up, angled the end and glued in place so the shaft was centered in the flow. You can hear it sucking air 100yrds away. Creates a hell of a boil..
Posted By: Kris B Re: Circulation from well pump? - 07/26/19 05:04 AM
Wow! Sounds like it's doing the job, but can't say I want to be hearing the sucking sound when it's running! I'm planning to put the well pump on a float switch... I'll have to think more about that one. Thanks again for the input!
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