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Posted By: SCRUFFY48 where should I feed my BG ? - 04/22/21 04:50 PM
I just recently expanded my pond from 1/2 to 1 acre. I had alot of GSF I have had to put a huge dent in them , I have easily pulled out 2300 ish of the GSF and now mainly getting really small ones and not as many in my fish traps. I do have about 20ish full grown channel cat . I am getting my BG tomorrow and told the lady about my current GSF and CC in pond . I also have BG bed area I made with pea gravel and man made habitat protecting the beds against the perimeter going out into the pond . She said I should feed my BG on opposite side of pond than my BG beds because of the predator fish. That sounds correct in a way , but I would like to get a few more opinions. THANKS IN ADVANCE
Posted By: Quarter Acre Re: where should I feed my BG ? - 04/23/21 11:42 AM
I can see the benefit to NOT feeding in the bedding area. This should minimize the interruptions to the fish guarding the nests, at the least. Not to mention reducing the likelihood of a feeding fish ransacking a bed for the snacks. CC tend to be a very dominant fish without much fear or regard for the damage they can do to a bed of eggs or fry. Even and innocent foraging for sunken pellets can thwart a successful bed. I cannot easily feed the opposite side of the pond to avoid feeding near the gravel beds, but do feed the larger fish away from them out in more open water (off the dock). If nothing else, it keeps fish that are coming in to feed from traveling through the area and "disturbing the peace". I don't think that the fish tending the beds do a lot of eating during that time anyways.
Posted By: SCRUFFY48 Re: where should I feed my BG ? - 04/23/21 01:02 PM
Thanks alot for the info !!!!!
Posted By: ewest Re: where should I feed my BG ? - 04/23/21 02:44 PM
Don't feed over the spawning area but you don't have to go all the way across the pond to feed. 100' from the spawning area will work.
Posted By: Matzilla Re: where should I feed my BG ? - 04/23/21 06:14 PM
the drop beyond your spawning area will hold actively feeding female bg more often than not - feed near there
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