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Posted By: JIMS SVT New pond/enlarging small pond - 05/11/19 12:59 PM
We just bought a new place in brown county Ohio with 17.29 acres. It has a small pond on it currently. But are gonna drain it and have it enlarged to atleast 1 acre and around 12í at the deepest point. It has plenty of runoff from the fields. So Iím looking for ideas and suggestions of what to have done during this dig. Looking to have bluegill,bass,perch and possibly a few walleye stocked. I know to stock the minnows and shiners before hand and let them get established. Should there be points made into the pond? Trenches, shallow parts,humps made,steps? You only get one time to make it the way you want. We will also be adding #2 gravelmall
Around the edges.Thanks for any help or pictures
Posted By: RAH Re: New pond/enlarging small pond - 05/11/19 01:02 PM
Consider a settling pond upstream if your situation allows it.
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