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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#556510 03/18/2023 1:01 AM
by anthropic
Folks in Georgia are raising what they call Titan bass. From what I can tell from their website, their claim to fame is the emphasis on entire family traits of the genotype, rather than just the phenotype. They argue this should yield more consistent results in terms of growth rate, ultimate size, catchability, etc.

I only heard about Titan bass from a relatively new poster here at PB Forum. Does anybody else know anything about them? Stocked their fish? Results? I'm guessing this is a Florida strain, but maybe an F1. I've tried to contact them several times without success.
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#557007 Apr 3rd a 07:15 PM
by Bill Cody
Bill Cody
anthropic - I visited the Titan bass website. The information looks pretty good. However IMO if they are not providing some data studies and customer feedback from some of their stockings I question the quality of their practical research and marketing program.

The website of RedHills Fishery has ample theoretical and promotional material but no examples of their Titan Bass growth during the first 1 to 3 years in a pond. I assume they have sold some stocker bass during the last 3 years. I suggest that you click their button of Request More Information. Ask to see some electroshock and fish survey data from their customer's newly stocked ponds. If you get some info please share it with us.
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#556950 Apr 1st a 08:30 PM
by FireIsHot
Genetics are important, but forage is King.
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#557023 Apr 3rd a 09:20 PM
by Deancutler
I had 50 6+ inch Titan bass added to my 5 acre pond in Nov of 2022. I am eagerly waiting to see the growth of these bass this year. I agree with the above statements concerning having the necessary forage for the bass to have an opportunity to grow to its potential. That being said, I have been working on drastically improving my forage by feeding 3 times a day with two feeders. I have also added more than 7500 BG over the past year. The fishery guy commented on how impressed he was with all the sizes of BG and number of threadfin shad he observed. I had an extraction done last Thursday and removed 37 LMB that were under 100% RBW.

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#557043 Apr 4th a 10:30 AM
by Deancutler
Hello Esshup,

Yes all of the Titan LMB were fin clipped for future ID. I have been watching the impressive progress of a YouTuber, BamaBass, that built a 5 acre pond and hope that I have similar results. Does anyone know if his progress is normal or above normal because of the F1 Tiger bass he stocked? I plan to keep everyone updated on my progress.

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#556928 Apr 1st a 02:05 AM
by RossC
Sounds a bit like Camelot Bell bass.
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#557006 Apr 3rd a 07:07 PM
by Pat Williamson
Pat Williamson
Seems folks want BIG bass but if they Aren’t catchable then what then
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#557076 Apr 5th a 08:54 PM
by ewest
Originally Posted by FireIsHot
I'll stick to my statement. I will call it forage 1A, and genetics 1B though.

For most pond owners, IMO forage is essential while top line genetics are not. You can have average genetics and lots of forage and have a good fishery. In thousands of studies the main limiting factor is "food" not genetics. The opposite is not true - you can have fabulous genetics and without enough food you will have a stunted out of balance fishery.

Genetics is IMO the last 15-20% of having a trophy fishery. That is assuming plenty of forage and good management. Even top 5% genetics fisheries get out of balance without harvest.
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#557077 Apr 5th a 09:05 PM
by ewest
Originally Posted by anthropic
Dean, for some reason I have the impression that F1 bass are more aggressive & grow faster initially than pure Florida bass, but that their ultimate max size may not be as big. However, the current world record LMB was an intergrade, so what do I know?

F-1 LMB are more aggressive than pure Fla LMB but they do not grow faster than Fla LMB (possibly except for the first few mths). In a natural enviorn aggressiveness can be both a positive or a negative trait. Some studies show over aggressiveness can result in the recipient being eaten by larger fish. Over time I am not sure there is a difference in size actuality of Fla LMB and F-1 or Fx. The studies I have seen show that a small % of Northern genes greatly reduces the negative trait of non-catchability. I have seen no info on the breakdown of LMB genetics and ultimate growth (size) potential.

I have to always caution that this applies to 50% of the LMB population. Male Fla LMB are much smaller in comparison to their female counterparts than is the case for northern LMB. F-1 and Fx - I don't know if that holds true.
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#557111 Apr 6th a 04:24 PM
by RossC
We stocked some 12-14" Camelot Bell LMB are few years ago. We also routinely stock 3000 or so pure Florida fingerlings every year. In theory the constant influx of Florida genetics should offset the presence of some native LMB and give us predominately Floridas and F1 LMB in the lake. We also stock shad as needed, 40,000 last year on top of a good survivor class, and we have a thriving bluegill population with native, CNB, red ear, long ear, etc. We see a good many 7# fish, 6 last week, some 8-9#, and a few times a year we see double digits. My personal best was 8.6# and 12.5# in the same day. Lake record is over 15#. This lake has had Florida genetics for over 40 years since Charlie Inman used it for his personal lab before bringing Floridas into the Texas P&W hatchery system.
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#557112 Apr 6th a 04:55 PM
by ewest
You can have the population genetically sampled. Have done that a few times and the results can be unexpected. In the results I have seen covering varying situations in the deep south Fla genetics tend to predominate over time. Suggest you give Bob a call if you are interested.
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