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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#551567 08/20/2022 5:09 PM
by Dergib
Anyone know of anywhere to get fish delivery near Se Michigan (just north of Toledo into MI). This year's fish day was canceled as the supplier didn't have a source. Need to get minnows and maybe some pike or tiger muskie. LMB are out of hand in 17 acre pond.
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#551568 Aug 20th a 07:00 PM
by canyoncreek
Hi Dergib,
Welcome from another Michigan pond owner. 17 acres is a very big 'pond' to change the fish population in. I would say it would take several dozen fish trucks fully loaded with minnows backing up to your pond every day for several days to get enough minnows in there to feed the predators. LMB are very very good at chasing down and eating the typical minnow sold by a fish farm (fat head minnows). In this care, if there really is an abundance of LMB in this large pond then I'm pretty sure it isn't wise to try to create food for the LMB via spending money on minnows.

However if you had a way in OH to get different shiners (like common shiners, spottails, spotfins, which are likely native in your creeks and lakes already) they tend to be a little more adept at avoiding predation. Despite heavy predator pressure in my tiny pond, the spotfin shiners have exploded. I am pretty confident that stocking the hardy and speedy shiner even in a predator heavy pond could help turn the tide a bit.

I agree with your desire to have predators that will prey on the LMB. Some chose channel cats or blue cats for that but in a pond your size the predators could then become the catfish and then you would be stuck trying to get rid of a big number of catfish.

I'm not aware of a selective LMB toxin and they don't usually go into traps. Many have resorted to have dozens of fishing excursions with as many helpers as you can find and cull as many of the LMB that are say 13 or 14" or smaller. But in 17 acres that may require frequent fishing derbies with dozens of people working together.

Do you have a way to sample the pond to see what your forage base is really like?

In the south Tilapia becomes a way to add forage to a predator heavy pond. In the north we rely on bluegill as they are the only panfish/forage fish that can pull off a few spawns in the year. If the bluegill/sunfish are not sufficient to keep up with the numbers of LMB then some would also consider adding more structure as refuge for the minnows and panfish to have better survival after each spawn.

Specifically which fish farms may have pike or musky is something I can't help with outside of asking you to check the web pages of the fish farms around you. It would be more likely that fish farms would have Walleye if you wanted to consider adding those. They may do well in your BOW.

Although it is not close to you, Laggis fish farm in the far SW corner of MI does get Northern Pike for sale this time of year. Contact them.

Imlay City Fish farm facebook page does not list walleye, pike or musky but does say at time they have catfish.

I don't know much about fish farms in SE MI or Ohio, but plenty of Ohio people here on the forum do.

Send us more background on your pond, the current population of fish, the depth, layout, and your goals. Thanks!
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#551574 Aug 21st a 01:58 AM
by esshup
The issue with stocking fish in Michigan is their DNR. IF the pond has a permanent inflow or out flow (even onto a pasture) you need a permit from the Michigan DNR prior to stocking, AND any supplier has to have a copy of that permit in their truck prior to stocking.

Bringing fish into Michigan from another great lake state without the proper permits is a Lacy Act violation and the fine could be $250,000.00. If the fish supplier does not have that permit in their truck prior to entering Michigan, they could get fined the same as the pond owner.

I am not trying to rain on your parade, but I want to make you aware of the issues people in Michigan have to legally stock their ponds. Just dot your I's and cross your T's and you will be fine.

You'd be better off having the pond electro shocked and all the LMB that are netted removed. If the pond is LMB heavy you are looking at removing 510 pounds of LMB. Have people lined up beforehand that will take them and utilize them, no way can you clean all of them before they spoil.

We stock fish in Michigan, but doing the paperwork takes time.
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#551686 Aug 24th a 02:04 AM
by canyoncreek
aeration even out by your house will be a big plus. It will help keep things on the bottom moving, get rid of 'dead' gasses and help keep a cleaner bottom. Well worth it if you have power down to the water. I don't know why but other pondowners in MI have had problems finding a shock boat and someone to run it. Must be a niche waiting for someone to fill it. Here where I live I have heard of anyone offering that service.
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#552087 Sep 12th a 12:57 AM
by esshup
If you want tiger muskies, the fall is the time of the year to get them.
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by canyoncreek
He Dergib,
Can you update us on your pond situation?

Have you sampled your fish populations more to decide where the fish went or whether you are heavy on the predators?

Did you find a source for fish to stock and did you stock more?

I have not seen tiger muskie being offered by any fish farm in MI but maybe I"m not aware of all possible sources.
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