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#547939 05/15/2022 12:54 PM
by sendero
I have a 2 acre pond here in north-est Texas. I had it built 18 years ago.

Recently, mostly in the morning, I noticed something I had not noticed before. About 10 feet from the shoreline along one side of the pond there are something jumping up out of the water for just a split second. It looks like someone is underwater, popping their thumb or finger up out of the water, about 1/2 inch to an inch, and then pulling it back. There are lots of them whatever they are.

These really do not look like fish at all. Could they be some kind of frog?
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by esshup
Bullfrogs take 2 years to metamorphosis into a frog, other frogs/toads only take one season.

I've never seen a pond with a normal to high bass population to have a high population of tadpoles, be it frog or toad tadpoles. Many, many get eaten by the fish.
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by Bill Cody
Bill Cody
Bullfrog tadpoles have an offfensive flavor but real hungry bass will learn to eat them. Once LMB develop a flavor for them then it is like esshup says, not many survive to make it to frog stage unless the pond is weedy to provide lots of cover and structure. .
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by Theo Gallus
Theo Gallus
My SMB pond always has a bumper crop of Bullfrog tadpoles. My LMB pond never has any to be seen. The two ponds are about 75 yards apart.
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by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
Originally Posted by FishinRod
Originally Posted by Theo Gallus
My SMB pond always has a bumper crop of Bullfrog tadpoles. My LMB pond never has any to be seen. The two ponds are about 75 yards apart.

Based on Bill's comment and your comment - we can conclude that SMB have a much more sophisticated palate than LMB!

Or - LMB will essentially eat anything in the pond that moves. grin

It may be that a bullfrog can more easily outgrow the gape of a SMB than that of a LMB. All it takes is a couple large she-bulls to heavily populate a pond. I had horrendous amounts of bull tads for a few years in my pond. I have nothing against them until you can walk across the pond on their backs. Two seasons ago I culled 6 big frogs and few puny ones. The top 6 were large enough to make a big dinner for two, and the amount of tad poles dropped off greatly by the following year...like 100 to 1, maybe more!...there were tons of them. I once threw a 7 foot net for 45 minutes of the end of the dock and was able to transfer 400 of them to the creek. I'm not sure where they go after turning into frogs, but cutting the number of eggs that get laid drastically cuts down the numbers of tads.

As far as taste goes...a friend deep fried a tale once and said it resembled a pork rind. I don't care for rinds, I passed...lol
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