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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#545330 03/18/2022 12:58 AM
by Deancutler
So I've been feeding Optimal Signature Series for the past 1 1/2 years that I purchase from the local fishery at a cost of $50 for a 45lb bag. The local Yardmaster store, who is a Texas Hunter distributor, sold me two bags of Sportsman's Choice for $25 for a 50lb bag.

The Optimal analysis is:
Crude protein 42%
Crude fat 10%
Crude fiber 4%
Phosphorus 1%
Ash 8%

The Sportsman analysis is:
Crude protein 36%
Crude fat 4.5%
Crude Fiber 6.5%
Phosphorus 0.8%

Is there enough difference to justify the cost of the Optimal?

What are your thoughts?

Liked Replies
#545429 Mar 20th a 11:29 AM
by LTL
No matter what the results of any test is - it teaches us something (even if there might be variables that cannot easily be controlled) and they encourage great conversations on here - so I want to thank each of you who perform them. Each person reading the study has an opportunity to assess the design of the study, ask questions, and make there own decisions.
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#545343 Mar 18th a 12:48 PM
by Snakebite
There is a huge difference in these two products. I`m nearly finished writing up a report that uses both these products against each other. Not only for a price stand point, but also the feed weight to fish weight gain. Should be finishing up this week, The differences is astonishing.
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#545369 Mar 18th a 08:53 PM
by Augie
This is what Optimal will do to a RES in two years time.

[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]

[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
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#545373 Mar 18th a 09:20 PM
by FishinRod

I thought "hand feeding" your sunfish meant you walked out to the end of your dock and threw out a few handfuls of pellets for them.

I didn't know that it meant you hold the RES in one hand and then force 1# of pellets down his throat with the other hand. grin

Man, what a hog!
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#545427 Mar 20th a 04:23 AM
by esshup
You know what assume means? I don't know if the fish actually consumed all the food that was fed. That is an assumption that I am not willing to make. If there was uneaten food for any reason, that was not collected and weighed as it would be in a lab. The pick and spit percentage was not tallied. etc. etc. Fish were put in a cage, fed the smallest available floating food like a typical pond owner would feed and the results are shown.

I am not the one that is throwing numbers out there without knowing 100% the details and I don't know 100% of the details because this was not done in a laboratory environment, it was done in a pond environment.

Like I said earlier, all I can do is put out there what the test was and the results. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless you want to do the test in laboratory conditions, I suggest that you take your own advice and consider the information that you are putting out there. I am not the one making statements except what was observed.
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#545408 Mar 19th a 03:58 PM
by jpsdad

Everytime I see photos of your RES my jaw drops. Very remarkable indeed.
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#545422 Mar 20th a 12:57 AM
by esshup
Originally Posted by jpsdad

I think Optimal is very good feed. I base that your satisfaction along with the satisfaction of many other members. I don't see the quality of Optimal feed being in question. I get it, it's good feed.

A picture paints a thousand words. But the picture posted, if posted to suggest the gains one would achieve with equal consumption of differing feeds, tells a very negative story about Sportsman Choice and Purina AM500. When I look at the picture and the comments made, I see a very tangible legal risk to you. It just doesn't make sense that either Purina AM500 or Sportsman's Choice would perform so poorly on equal quantities of feed relative to Optimal. This risk you run is that Purina or Tractor Supply or both them might hire experts to replicate your results. If they differ significantly, you would be in a very tough position. Now keep in mind, that neither would have to establish that your results were obtained intentionally or with malice. Only that a misrepresentation damaged their brand and resulted in material loss of sales. I think the fish size and pellet size is the most likely cause of most the difference but if independent experts find significant differences you would have to defend your results. Even if you can explain the result, for example by feed exiting the cage due to their inability to consume the larger pellets, the opposition might try to make a case that you had knowledge of the effect of prior to or during the experiment. They may try to establish malice or intentional defamation of their brand. Your collaborative work with Optimal would strengthen such an argument of pre-knowledge not to mention your level of experience which they could argue is one of an expert. I am just saying, if you aren't cock sure that Optimal is that much better than AM500 and Sportman's Choice ... where the results of independent researchers would agree with your findings ... you should give very serious consideration as to whether there is anything to gain that adequately compensates the risk of keeping those images in print.

I hear what you are saying, but I am not "politically correct", so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. If the test was flawed and if they want to do more testing, I will let them and they can come here and post the results. Others are doing feed tests, lets see what their results are. Optimal isn't paying me anything for advertising, nor am I a paid spokesperson for Optimal. All I can do is show what MY test showed. It would be no different than someone posting a picture of a body part or a part of a rodent in a food item that was purchased. What does that do to sales? Optimal didn't pay me to do the test, nor did they furnish the food for the test. Neither did the other brands. All were purchased as anyone would, from the supplier or the store. I have no allegiance to any particular company, if a better feed comes along I will jump on their bandwagon quicker than you can blink.

There were feed rings in the cages so the feed didn't float out - I had thought about that.

It's no different than Consumer Reports doing a product test, is it?

If you would like to do a test like I did, please do so and post the results. It's not all about what is read in a book, it's about real world tests. That's why they have 2 cars going down the track side by side during a drag race. One car could be faster on paper, but what happens in real life could be completely different.

I firmly believe that this country has become sue happy, and that the flip side of the coin is just as slippery of a slope. Anybody can sue anybody for anything, and turn about is fair play, all that needs to happen to win a suit is to find the correct "venue" to have the suit held, and make sure that judge leans in your direction.
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