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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#545253 03/15/2022 2:39 PM
by azteca

For fun I looked at the laying dates of different states.

Snipe in Kansas in 2020, March 7, a month faster than me.

For 2020, Indiana, Illinois, 13 March.
Michigan 15 ¨
Ohio 16. ¨
Missouri. 22. ¨
Québec. 3. April
Ontario 3. ¨
Liked Replies
#545328 Mar 18th a 12:30 AM
by Bill Cody
Bill Cody
Okay perch lovers - Thursday Mar 17 first egg ribbons in Northwest Ohio. Water temp yesterday was 50F in the evening. Today's air temp 72F and very likely more eggs tomorrow. Last year I had the first eggs Mar 15.
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#546466 Apr 16th a 03:40 AM
by Snipe
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
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#545399 Mar 19th a 01:36 PM
by Theo Gallus
Theo Gallus
You guys that actually get to see egg ribbons are lucky. I spent several years religiously putting small & medium tree branches into the edges of my YP/SMB/BGxRES pond, genuflecting and making the sign of the spinner bait as I did, without ever seeing a ribbon. Every year the Perch laid their egg ribbons on structure too far out form shore to be seen. (I guess they're shy.) Every year I get a Perch spawn, but I have to take it on faith.
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#545914 Apr 1st a 01:08 AM
by Bill Cody
Bill Cody
Any way to harvest zooplankton and put them in the aquarium?

Yes one can harvest phytoplankton and zooplankton but the collection materials are not easily obtained. For collecting use a very fine mesh plankton net of the correct mesh size for the size of plankton needed. Plankton nets come in a variety of mesh sizes. Most common plankton nets are in 80-180 micron mesh size. Newly 1st feeding fry are eating very small plankton in the size close around 20-40um, several sizes smaller than the common plankton nets. I have a small filter bucket with 35um mesh to collect rotifers. Smallest mesh netting can be 10um.

When in high school I raised tropical zebra fish from eggs. I fed the fry an egg emulsion and managed to get several of them to survive to adult size.
Our PB forum member Azteca recently provided a link about feeding new fish fry using an egg emulsification method. This is a readily available fairly simple method to try as fry food. After the fry are growing 6-10 days I would blend in some fine powdered fish food.
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#545919 Apr 1st a 02:25 AM
by Snipe
Originally Posted by FishinRod
Is it easy (for non-experts) to differentiate between recently spent females and males in YP?

How does that compare to differentiating for LMB or for BG?
Part of that is handling fish frequently, Rod. Percids are much easier to correctly identify green, ripe, spent or male this time of year. Centrarchids (LMB, BG-sunfish) are not as easy. You can see a gravid female somewhat easily but males are somewhat harder to identify because their sizes remain similar-longer than Percids do.
As you handle more and more fish it will become more obvious.
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#545936 Apr 1st a 03:19 PM
by azteca

You can put a Spotlight above the water , you will attract Zooplankton and you just have to pick it up with a bucket just be careful that there are no predatory insects but in my pond with the fish I have never seen a predatory insects.

I put a picture as an axample, on the picture you can see small Daphnia attracted by light.
Depending on the season you will attract different critters.
There are so many that for my needs I put a small pump under the spot.

But Daphnia is for the fry, for your larvae it takes very small Zooplankton like Mr Cody said.

Or you can make infusoria, take a one liter jar with pond water, for the bacteria you can use bread, hay or milk if not pasteurized, in Europe they use milk to raise different Zooplankton, because it is not pasteurized.
In canada all the milk is pasteurized, I don't know in the U.S.A
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#546649 Apr 19th a 02:19 PM
by Bill Cody
Bill Cody
Snrub - See this for a little more info about YP in Kansas

Kansas state rod and reel angler record. YELLOW PERCH 1.05 Lbs 14 inches Rod & Reel w/worm Coffey County Farm Pond 05/07/00 Walker Trimble, Burlington

With good habitat and plenty of FOOD you should be able to easily grow perch to 15" in Kansas. Standard weight for a 15" yellow perch is 1.96 lbs and when full of eggs she will weigh close to 2.25 lbs.


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#546730 Apr 20th a 02:02 PM
by azteca

Thank you for your answer.

My eggs are already in my small pond and I will put 2 spots to attract the larvae.

2 days ago I saw the eggs moving, but this morning there was 4 inches of snow.

With the cold here I find it difficult to make a nice Bloom, the eggs almost always hatch and there is no Zooplankton.

Thats why I was raising infusoria and Paramecia Caudatum in 5 gallon bucket.

This is why if the chicken egg work it will be less work.

The raft with the Paddy rice is for fun, I also have a pot with eggs and snails to have infusoria as soon as the eggs hach in the cleanest water possible.

Thanks again Snipe.
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