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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#532722 03/23/2021 11:14 PM
by Kyscentlok
Curious where I can find detailed information on stocking Hybrid Striped bass in a 1 acre pond. Do’s Don’ts. I have found info but most is vague
Thanks in advance
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#532869 Mar 26th a 02:46 PM
by Bill Cody
Bill Cody
At this point I tend to agree with jpsdad that the main benefit of compensatory growth is economical not necessarily directly creating the end product of larger fish. More testing is needed. I currently think along with the PondBoss Lusk and numerous others here that "every day a fish does not eat is a day it does not grow"..
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#532763 Mar 24th a 06:51 PM
by Matzilla
HSB will eat anything they can fit in their mouth - so they will readily prey on your smaller bluegill, redear and the minnows

Have you planned on stocking any other predator fish? HSB will not be able to keep up with bluegill on their own unless you were very predator heavy and were looking to have a healthy population of 6" plus size BG. At some point the HSB will die off, and the BG will overpopulate very quickly - you will either have to continuously stock HSB or another predator to keep the BG at the size range you target for your pond goals. HSB are opportunistic but generally cruise open water at mid depths looking to ambush schools of baitfish - not exactly perfect bluegill predators. LMB are typically what people lean on for a primary bluegill predator as they can eat large amounts of bluegills in several size classes - basically anything that can fit in their mouths There is nothing wrong with diversifying your predators, however.

What are you goals for the pond? How much work do you want to put in to reach those goals?
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#532818 Mar 25th a 03:28 PM
by ewest
For HSB ?

Here are some from SRAC

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#532881 Mar 26th a 05:51 PM
by jpsdad
Originally Posted by Theo Gallus
I always figured that on compensatory feeding days, my fish actually had to work for a living. And still ate and grew on natural food, which perhaps had experienced some days without fish eating it to get bigger/more numerous.

Rather than compensatory feeding, it may be better call that feeding supplemental feeding. So indeed your fish are doing well on natural foods and the supplemental feeding is boosting their gain. But this gain isn't compensatory growth in the context were using the term. If a fish is denied food or is placed into stress that reduces it food intake for a sufficient period of time ... there is window that follows when food is abundant where growth rate is high and food conversion is more efficient (lower FCR). This increased efficiency and increased gain "compensates for" the period of stress or starvation.

There must be a good explanation for it but it is probably multifaceted making it difficult to the isolate contributions of differing effect. One of the more obvious possible underlying causes is that fish lose weight but not frame during starvation. In other words they get a lot thinner but rarely shorter (unless the starvation is severe). When a fish is exposed to abundant food after such a period, the food is converted into growing fatter first. It just makes sense that this conversion is more efficient than having to grow larger bones, fins and organs. Another contributor may be suppressed gonosamitic growth. In other words the productions of eggs and sperm is subdued during compensatory growth. There may be other effects (e.g. in TP the consumption of food also increases ... they are hungrier than controls) but how does one separate all the these by their separable contributions?
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#532885 Mar 26th a 07:17 PM
by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
He's got it, doesn't he!...along with the urge to share and teach. I always enjoy reading JP's posts (even though some of them are beyond my understanding).
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