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Original Post (Thread Starter)
New pond in East Texas #531738 03/09/2021 6:11 PM
by trophybg

Last week I had a 40x60x6 stock tank dug before a big rain that filled it.
I'm at full pool.
Now the question is how much and of what can it hold?
The goal is to keep bluegill in it so my kids can have something to catch.
I was thinking adding about 1,000 minnows and a couple hundred fingerling bluegill.

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Re: New pond in East Texas #531919 Mar 12th a 05:15 AM
by highflyer
Well I don't know if this is going to sit well, but no, do not aerate. You have a very small stock tank. Don't buy a feeder, don't aerate. They will only add to your problems.

You will understand sooner or later. Sadly some lessons just have to be learned the hard way.

Best of luck.

Oh, and when you have to restock, call Todd at Overton's. He is a better teacher than I am.

Again, best of luck, let us know how it goes.
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Re: New pond in East Texas #532508 Mar 20th a 12:29 PM
by jpsdad

I am glad to see you post. I would just mention that is OK to tell your story and who was involved in it. Where advice was given, it is important to have context from which they gave the advice. Basically what knowledge they had of your goals and your water. In my case, I have a written record of my interaction and so I don't mind sharing it here because it's factual and I can back it up. I am neither trying to protect any supplier nor harm any supplier. My motivation was actually that the supplier help you get on a good path, I just wasn't sure we would get that opportunity here. I believe the most valuable thing a supplier does is give advice that's going to work. He doesn't get paid for the advice generally from someone inquiring about the purchase of fish but is compensated when he sells the fish. In many respects, it isn't fair to them when the value of the advice is much greater than the value of the fish ... something which is often the case.

I once read essup say "I would rather pay once and cry once." My father, now 93, on many occasions in my youth told me that I could learn lessons through the school of hard knocks, but that if I would pay attention, I could learn from the experience of others. That's been one the greatest lessons he taught me among many others.

Often the best or most easily accomplished path doesn't completely match our goals. I didn't think you wanted CC so I didn't go into any detail on options there when I made suggestions. But I will say this, the first option presented, 100 CC, was not bad advice in the way 300 BG appears bad to me. CC can stand much lower water quality and they usually will not reproduce until attaining lengths of 18" in length. They can be kept at higher standing weights without aeration. 100 CC was a workable recommendation that would work successfully provided you began harvesting before they got too large. $75 doesn't go very far now-a-days or they might have suggested 50 which would have allowed you to grow them to 1 pound without exceeding 1000 lbs/acre standing weight. The kids don't care what they are catching. I am speaking from experience. Some times my kids aren't even fishing when I take them, sometimes they are exploring nature and just hanging out with Dad.

Anyways, now is a good time for you to go through the forum posts in your thread and study them. Formulate questions about their advice in order to gain to additional knowledge. The advice varied and that is because there are a range of workable options. They all don't produce identical results and even don't produce the same results in different ponds. How your pond develops is unique but the principles of managing its unique development remain consistent. When you understand all the various recommendations and what to expect from them, then the question becomes, how do you get your pond to that sweet spot with its current situation. It's a small pond so it won't be very costly regardless of the path you choose. Forum members want to help you but it will be up to you to take advantage of that.
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Re: New pond in East Texas #531953 Mar 12th a 09:39 PM
by jpsdad
Originally Posted by highflyer

You will understand sooner or later. Sadly some lessons just have to be learned the hard way.


highflyer, you made a concerted effort to help. Sometimes the school of hard knocks is the best and only teacher.
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Re: New pond in East Texas #532224 Mar 16th a 05:29 PM
by ewest
Originally Posted by esshup
Originally Posted by ewest
Originally Posted by Bill Cody
Here is some of the "rest of the story".

Also note the fish of CNBG listing is said to very likely have mixed species of BG and RES and maybe even some hybrid BG(HBG) could be present.

Bill are they saying that their fish production ponds are contaminated (multi species and crosses) ? Yikes !

RES and BG yoy growing out in same pond is ok.

Providing you are not stocking a pond with strictly SMB as a top end predator.....

My comment was indicating that many hatcheries grow out RES and BG in % in the same pond to use in stocking new ponds. I was not indicating that I like or approve of the practice - I don't and wont buy them that way.

Cody Note Repeated from ewest's post above.
Here is a link to the price list
A mix of BG and RES was my interpretation of the wording. Maybe they are saying the farm will blend the CNBG order with 15% RES? What do you all think the wording means? Only TFF knows the rest of the story.

In defense of fish farms, I have watched mixed fish being sorted and I have sorted some mixed species myself. Pressure is there to "Get 'er Done". When sorting mixed freshly seined fishes one or a few can easily get into the wrong bucket or tank by floping out of a net or out your hand or commonly even be misidentified especially when the mixed sunfish are only 1"-3" long. If you have several thousand fish that have already been sorted in a tank and all are sunfish, what do you do when a wrong one flops into the wrong location or into the sorted fish???. Start sorting over or keep sorting? Stuff like this commonly happens. Almost always everyone will just keep sorting. It is not the end of the world when a wrong specie is in the for sale container or tank - considering everything involved. That is why we here on the forum say if it is extremely important to have a pure culture resort the fish before release into your pond.
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