My bride & I managed to reach our place on the pond, after some adventures with snow & ice roadways and we found...birds. Lots & lots of birds. A week ago, we had one pair of Canada geese, now we had 12 pairs. Last week, a few cormorants, now at least ten.

I hadn't really thought about what the birds would do when the ponds iced over, as most of the smaller ones did. Mine did not and became a primo destination as a result.

The good news is that we did not suffer any burst pipes, which kinda surprised me. But being in extreme east Texas, we didn't get the long power outages people suffered from other parts of the state.

Didn't see any buzzards, which I guess is good news re fish kills. Still, I do not expect my CNBG to survive in the little forage pond.

All in all, we were very fortunate. Lost power only briefly, water pressure was fine the entire time. Hope all the Texas pondmeisters are okay.