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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
I have over 100 crawdads (Northern Virile) that need a new place to be. Most are 3 to 4" long. If anyone wants to bring a cooler and pick them up, I'll honor the first "I'll take them" on this thread. I will be able to meet any evening this week (today included). I live in West Central Missouri, about 10 miles south of the I-70 / 65 Hwy intersection (I-70 mile marker 79).

Should someone want these guys...post your "I'll take e'm" here and PM me a number to call and I contact you. I'll check back in a couple hours.
Liked Replies
by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
SG...We'll get you some before the summer is over, so long as the catch rates continue. I have been getting about 20 a night for the last month and 30 to 50 prior to that for a total of over 1000 this year. And, my work hours are getting ready to change such that I will not be able to set traps as much. Don't hesitate to PM me when you foresee an opportunity to travel and we'll see what we can do...take it easy and don't get impatient with the healing process!

I have over 120 now and have been emptying the bait sock over the caged craws...this should allow them to be kept caged longer, but I don't want to push it such that they start eating each other. These will go to a neighbors pond this weekend unless a PB member needs them. Even though my neighbor does not have the habitat for them...they will certainly be good forage for his LMB and CC.
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by canyoncreek
best wishes for your surgery and recovery SetterGuy!
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by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
That's a mouth full JP! Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it.

If I understand the point that should be taken, I should remove all the craws I can trap, and remover them without prejudice.

I know there will be plenty of berried females that do not get trapped. Maybe these will satisfy my thoughts on creating the smaller forage.

So far I have about 30 in the cage with 10 or so carrying eggs. I don't know how long they will carry the eggs, but they should find a new home soon. I had a couple PB members inquire about them late last year and I would love to get them in the taking first. They have been PM'd, but I have yet to connect with them. Under the circumstances and the difficulty to plan a firm pick-up....any takers for this weekend?

I have also been trapping 10-15 bullfrog tadpoles a day (big ones with smallish rear legs). I have been discarding those to the creek, but will start saving them if anyone is so inclined to come get them...let me know!
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by jpsdad

I think your crayfish are amazing. It is clear to me, from your observations of the HBG, that they are supporting your pond's forage substantially. It's just that they have been too much of a good thing, that's all. You'll find that goldilocks balance when you fill that gap that is missing (a predator that will seek and eat 4" crayfish). The goldilocks amount of that predator will allow enough adults to survive to replenish their standing weight. Forage production may decline in this case if you don't replace the lost production with other prolific reproducers. Crayfish are high energy forage ... even better than BG according to one reference.

My sense is that your pond never reaches its carrying capacity of crayfish and that they grow maximally. So it works like this. Way more spawn is produced than would be required to replace the adults ... but they are continually cropped never attaining the carrying capacity. Under such a scenario, the pond can produce a greater weight of crayfish in one season than the pond could carry were there no predators. So instead of stunting they continue to grow all season providing forage along the way.
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by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
Originally Posted by gehajake
Quarter Acre, I caught a few CC Sun, the first ones from the pond, were stocked as up to 6 in fingerlings 2 yrs ago this May, the biggest one weighed 2.6 lbs. point is I checked all of their stomach to see what they were eating and found young crawfish in nearly half of them, they were much smaller then the crawfish I got from you so I must have an already established herd in my pond.

The craws form my pond are from an alien planet and they reproduce like it's going out of style....I cannot be responsible for what they do to your BOW! lol - I'm very glad to here they are doing well and producing a good forage base. It's interesting that all the crawdads I trapped from the creek for my initial pond stocking were small, 1-3" long, but after two years in the pond...all I get in the traps are 3-5 inchers. I enjoy them and have learned a few things along the way and am happy to help others with my misfortune/good luck. I am, apparently, very good at growing craws and tadpoles...by default.
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by FishinRod
Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this thread.

I am pretty sure I have learned more about crayfish in this thread than I have in all of the other documents I have read combined!
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by RStringer
Might have to get another one now. My FA got alil outta control this year.
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by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
Originally Posted by CityDad
If you ship em to FL Ill take em

I am not having trouble, locally, finding new homes for these guys and I'm not sure about the laws regarding transporting craws across state lines. I know it is illegal to bring live craws into Missouri. And, with the reintroduction of the Otter in Missouri...fisheries are having a horrible time farming them. It would be rare to find them for sale in a bait shop or otherwise.

City, I would look more local to your home and make sure the species is correct for your BOW and area. I suspect the Northern Virile Crayfish gets it's name from being more of a "Northern" dwelling species. It may be illegal for your area, or it may not live their to begin with ...IDK.
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by John Kruid
John Kruid
I successfully stocked your crawdads into 3 places including my overflow pond that currently has no fish. Every one of them made it alive. Thanks again buddy!
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by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
The last batch is spoken for....more to come in a few weeks! These won't see breeding season as they are destined TO BE SEASONED.
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by Quarter Acre
Quarter Acre
Originally Posted by FishinRod
Originally Posted by Augie
QA's crayfish are good breeders. I now have thousands of them in all sizes.

I know some guys on the forum are exceptional at feed training their fish.

I really DON'T want to know how Noel has been "breed training" his crawdads! laugh

If anything, I'm trying to learn a few things from them! shocked
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by Bobbss
FishinRod, while I may not think all of your jokes are funny, I do catch them. Lol! And yes I'm joking. Lol!
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