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Original Post (Thread Starter)
Corona-virus & Our Ponds #518064 03/17/2020 7:05 PM
by Zep
I suppose if a national shutdown/lock-down/curfew of sorts happens (like in San Fran) because of the Corona-virus
are most of you that don't live full time on the property going to spend your time there or at your main house?

For us I suppose it all depends on the severity of restrictions put in place in regard to this rapidly deteriorating corona-virus situation.

There is good and bad to being at both places for us.

Cons: Very tiny kitchen at property.....no washer/dryer.....tiny fridge...very limited closets, spare medical facilities

Pros: Away from populations....quiet...peaceful....fish, deer, hogs to eat, great tight knit neighbors.
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Re: Corona-virus & Our Ponds #520498 May 5th a 02:54 AM
by liquidsquid
FWIW, here in NY a random sampling of people were tested, about 6000, to see what the antibody positive count was. To everyone's surprise, it was far higher than expected. In the city proper, almost 1 in 4 people had it. Out here, 1 in 25-ish. This was three weeks ago now, so the numbers are higher by now.

What did we learn? The actual death rate is <1%, closer to 0.5%. The majority of people never knew they had it. Only the sickest get tested normally, which over-inflates the death rate. We are basing a lot of decisions on crap data.

What else have I learned today?
1. Scientists have confirmed you can only get it once. No significant mutations (yet) that allow re-infection. It turns out the tests for active infections don't differentiate between DNA of a dead virus (post infection) and live. There were false positives in already infected but recovered people.
2. It is airborne. People can get it without contact, just not as easily. It doesn't primarily infect that way, but can and does.
3. Re-opening soon is going to be necessary, whether we like it or not. It will be the lesser of two evils if people start to get rebellious and desperate.
4. You are going to get it. Face it. Everyone will but roughly 20% of the population. Lucky people or those we need to isolate until a vaccine is ready. All we are doing is stretching out the inevitable.
5. A vaccine is possible, but unlikely. Don't count on it being available before the problem solves itself.
6. Best bet is to isolate the vulnerable as much as humanly possible. This doesn't mean everyone at the detriment of social stability.
7. A second wave is sure to happen if we clamp down this hard and then let up. It HAS to, there simply is that much "fertile ground" for it to work with. Summer may be the best time to let it go due to:
8. A healthy immune system is key. Get your vitamin D, natural and supplements, get out, get exercise, live life. Sitting inside locked up watching TV and drinking too much is counter-productive.

What I am still annoyed about is upstate is still locked down with NYC problems. Barely an issue now in my area, and now set at least to the end of May. Re-opening wont occur until the impossible happens: Containment, more or less. Its going to get ugly soon as unemployment is not coming through for many.

In the meantime, I am getting a lot of yard work done, and started the pain in the butt process of raking out the chara to get ready for SoilFloc. Still hoping my wedding ring comes up with the weeds.
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Re: Corona-virus & Our Ponds #519260 Apr 12th a 01:12 PM
by liquidsquid
Hi All,
Happy Easter, He has Risen!

Long time no login to the forums but lurking. Happy to say we are blessed that we live where our pond is, and have space so the stay at home orders actually make me happy so I can enjoy our spot without spending 50+ hours a week working. I finally found time to trim my apple trees and plant a few more (mail order), and have pulled all the willows and poplars near the water.

We bought one of the Pullerbears from Canada, and if you need to pull smaller brush and trees, it is actually kind of fun.

I needed a vacation, but not getting one. Working from home as much as possible, but being in microelectronics and developing military and medical equipment, we are allowed to continue on. We have also applied to one of those magical loans, no word yet if it has gone through, but I have very little doubt. Most other employees that are in code writing and not in hardware are working from home. Five of us in a rather large building rather spaced out.

My wife works for the VA as a caregiver support social worker. It took two days between the alert and her moving to working from home! I was very impressed. Managed to get our internet upgraded to support it very quickly once we mentioned that my wife works for the VA and what she does. Again, thankful as otherwise it may have been a month out due to demand.

So, Covid-19. Yes, much has changed. Yes, neighbors on both sides of us have had it, all survived, thank God! But from their personal accounts, there in NO WAY IN HELL I want to try. I already have a chronic cough from last year's lung viral infection that lasted 3 weeks, and this sounds far worse. Especially when you think you are over it, and the SOB comes back with fevers near 104! Scary shiz. Now our babysitter, who moved to WA has it. She got it by making masks and then going out in public to hand them out. She is young and healthy, but nothing hurts more than being charitable trying to help, and then be "punished" for it.

Yeah, and every time my cough acts up, I start to stress out. Particularly this morning after shopping yesterday. Wore my mask though so if I do have it, I wasn't sharing.

So far, surprisingly happy with Cuomo's handling of all of this. Otherwise me and him have a lot of serious disagreements.

A few other interesting tidbits: There was a recent study of sewage near Boston to see if the infection rate could be determined by the mars bars carriers. It seems the infection rate may be more than 10x of what is being reported. That is actually really good news as it drops death rates way down. It also means the infection rates are really high and/or the virus has been around a lot longer than anyone thought. However, I am seeing hints that people who have not had a strong reaction to the virus may not have full immunity either. They can get re-infected if blasted by a very contagious person.

The area in which I live is pretty rural, about 5 families per 100 acres. Yet two neighbor families have gotten it. Neither of them were able to get tests, so they don't count in the stats for the county. This sort of thing is why we cannot make sound judgements when we don't have good enough numbers to make decisions. The immunity tests can't come soon enough to know when we can get back to work! We have to look at the numbers we have, and they look pretty bad, but at least not nearly as bad as first projected.

Lastly, when social distancing is a thing, why in the heck are the grocery stores only selling Hams in the 10+ pound range?!?! Yeah, my family of 3 can eat that much Ham.

Stay safe, and happy Easter!

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Re: Corona-virus & Our Ponds #520179 Apr 30th a 01:16 PM
by Zep
Dave.....since we are in close proximity.....I got a shipment of surgical masks last week for our company....but I could certainly spare a few for you....and a washable cloth mask...I could FedEx you six masks to hold you over until you finally get yours....they would be at your door by tomorrow morning. At our age we need 'em Dave!
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Re: Corona-virus & Our Ponds #520309 May 2nd a 12:21 AM
by canyoncreek
I think we SHOULD go back to school early. Everyone has to be exposed eventually. It is extremely likely that cases of COVID were circulating in Michigan schools before we were told anything about COVID and weeks before anything was locked down. A few kids in our schools were very sick with influenza like symptoms but they got better without seeing a doctor or going to the hospital. The rest did not catch it. Mortality rates nationwide for kids under 18 is extremely low. We let kids continue going to school every winter during influenza, this coming winter will be no exception and COVID is here to stay.

COVID probably will be at a low level during the summer months and reappear in the fall and winter again as air conditions change and people congregate inside again. People who don't have immunity now will be exposed again and have a chance to develop immunity again then. I hope we don't shut down society this fall when a few cases of COVID pop up again. The main reason to shutdown society when COVID activity arrived for the first time was not to prevent infections but to keep the PACE of the infection at a level that hospitals could handle. They needed to make sure enough medical staff stayed well and there was enough PPE. Unless we 100% isolated everyone in plastic bubbles with air purifiers, lockdown or stay at home orders do not prevent transmission but they prevent a huge spike in simultaneous transmission. Even the mandatory wear a mask order in MI gives false sense of security since they also remind us that the masks do not work. If the case rate is manageable from here on out then I hope we can allow normal society to go on and work on building the natural immunity that comes through living in a world of invisible viruses.

Hopefully this will be a reminder to those who haven't been too kind to their lungs or who live a lifestyle that likely will advance the cause of diabetes or heart disease will do their best to work towards healthier habits.
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Re: Corona-virus & Our Ponds #520327 May 2nd a 11:33 AM
by Theo Gallus
Theo Gallus
Originally Posted by Sunil
In weeks past, I've felt this entire thing has been a giant feces sandwich of which we'd all have to take a bite.
"The more bread you have, the less ... you have to eat."
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