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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by Heppy
Stocking plan for my 2.7 acre pond.
stock fatheads, emeralds and golden shiners along with the toads, frogs, and salamanders already there. Get at least 5-10 lbs of each started in the spring, but can do quite a bit more if budget allows feed the minnows during the summer crushed up catfish food or even crushed up high protein feed to grow tons of forage all summer long!
stock the redear sunfish in the spring/summer 2019.
Option 1:
The fall 2019 stocking to do all the species of fish the first fall
75 hsb
75 smb
75 walleye
50 cc
500 yellow perch
250 black crappie
With this plan put/take the predator species about every 2-3 years just add in what you want to take out.
Option 2:
Incrementally add predator species with a focus on something more than another do the crappie and perch and cc this fall and then go on a three year rotation of the smallmouth, walleye, and hsb it would be something like this:
Fall 2019 do about 100 smallmouth and 100 walleye
Spring 2020 do about 50-100 hsb
Then every fall just throw in a few smb, or walleye, or hsb one year do a few smallies, the next year do a few walleye, and the next year do a few hsb.
feed about 100 lbs of high protein fish food per month from April to October with the multi-species pond plan.
Curious as to what others think about this plan and the choice of which option would be best in your opinion?
Note: This is the recommended stocking plan advised to me by a very well known Pond/Lake Management Company not something I thought of by myself. I will be doing one of the 2 options just not 100% on which one.
Thanks for your suggestions!

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by teehjaeh57
They're likely not available for collection - tucked away until Spring. I'm recording an "incomplete" in the grade book, count your stars you're not expelled.
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by gehajake
This is what I made a fire pit out of at the pond. repurposing some old track loader pads that were used to help build the pond originally.
The grill apparatus is partially stainless steel and holds a Weber 22.5 inch grill grate which is readily available for replacement or can be transferred to or from the regular grill and I made it where it can be raised or lowered over the fire with the chain.
Attached Images
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by Heppy
Attention Everyone!
I found a website www.historicaerials.com/viewer where you can plug in your property address and look back in time at how your property was used. There are aerial pictures from as far back as 1948 on mine. It’s very interesting to see how the property has changed over time. Check it out!
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by Heppy
20x32’ concrete pad for the pavilion is now poured. Stubbed out for a full bath and electric.
For reference the walkway is 5x30 and the dock is 16x24.
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by teehjaeh57
At the risk of making things more complex than necessary.....Per Lusk and Kenny, stocking adult fish into new BOW environment can lead to:

1. fish thriving and continuing to grow
2. fish plateau and don't grow much
3. fish decline in new environment [lose weight and/or die]

Lusk had some % of each to expect in recent article regarding adult fish collection/transport/stocking. This is proven science per Lusk and Kenny, so bank on it.

Now, one benefit of stocking adult SMB would be at least getting reproduction going this season and not waiting for age 0 fish to reach sexual maturity [could be a year or two], and even if the transported adult fish don't thrive, you do have a population established via spawn and that generation growing much sooner.

Another benefit is selecting only obviously thriving adult fish to stock from your collection efforts, you're ultimately in control of the genetic selection [IE: Select only fish exceeding 110 WR, etc.]. If you aren't in love with the body condition of the fish, release and keep collecting. So while Kenny and Lusk are obviously correct about tempering expectations on the performance of stocking adult fish, there are a couple potential benefits to consider before you scrap the plan entirely. Even if the stocked fish don't thrive, you still have their genetics established in the pond and their offspring should perform well in the coming years.

FYI: I started my SMB fishery 13 years ago stocking both thriving, adult fish collected [15 fish] AND stocking age 0 6-8" feed trained fish from Rex via Fountain Bluff Hatchery. I'm not recommending you do this, however for me things worked out well. Again, just temper your expectations on the performance of the adult fish if you go this route.
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by Heppy
I meant BCP for Black Crappie and CC for channel catfish. Thanks for the help!
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by Heppy
I’m moving the Z trap around the pond to find the spots where it is most effective with dog food in a mesh bag. Shallow areas along the dam have been the best thus far. I agree with you Augie this trap should be able to control the unwanted BG population. In addition you also get to sample other fish and evaluate how they are doing.
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by jpsdad
Originally Posted by Heppy
Thanks jpsdad but I have to give all the credit to Bill Codys’ knowledge and help getting me started on the correct path.

Bill deserves credit for his great tutorship. After receiving it, however, you still must choose to follow it. I think that deserves credit too. Be cause you followed his good lead, you are now on the path of helping others do the same and that can make a difference.
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by Heppy
Not to mention temps were in the mid nineties most of the time. All work and no play makes Heppy a dull boy! (The Shining) reference with Jack Nicholson if anyone remembers. Starting Friday night the fun begins!
Tip: Wait for cooler weather to dig out fire pit, shovel gravel and carry boulders if anyone is considering building a fire pit of their own. You can thank me later!
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by Heppy
Here are a couple pictures of the fire pit before I did the weedeating and bush hogging. The exterior of the pit is 6 feet across. There is a metal and pvc pipe for the drain so that the fire pit doesn’t hold water. I’m looking to add something similar to gehajake as a cooking surface that swings out of the way for campfires or bonfires.


I also ran across an idea for firewood storage near the fire pit.


Does anyone have other ideas or things you have done to store your wood?
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by Heppy
Thanks all! I thought you might enjoy that link. wbuffetjr, brookies are so good that I named my daughter Brooke! Then again, I named my first born son after a bow company back in the day. I guess you can tell my heart has always been in the outdoors! Give God all the praise and glory, enjoy the little time we have in His outdoors. Have fun y’all while we are all trying to figure it out.
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by Bill Cody
Bill Cody
Snipe has good suggestions for pond plants. Also search the past posts for suggested pond plants. There are about 8 to 15 types that are commonly suggested on this forum. Reading through the Common Q&A Archives is a good place to start. Here is a link to get you started.


See this planted pond by RAH

Look into getting some hardy hybrid water lilies established this spring. It takes a couple to several years to develop a decent 10X10 ft bed of lilies. There are 4 types, dwarf, small, medium and large. Each type growing from shallow to deepest water.
Here is a link to a few small varieties.
Best lilies are not cheap and one has to baby them and prevent herbivores (turtles to waterfowl) from eating and killing them before they get established. Good strong establishment can take several years. Transplanting is an important method, done incorrectly and the new rhizomes will not thrive. They are too expensive to be casual and reckless with them.
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by teehjaeh57
Hey man, either way you go you're not going to make a mistake, it just comes down to your timeline and goals...are you patient, or do you want to get there yesterday?

If you ever want to chat I'm happy to help, I love discussing anything cool water species oriented. I've made nearly every fish management mistake possible, and invented all sorts of cool, new ways to accidentally kill fish. We can cover a lot of ground in 15 min - ping me anytime - my time is always free to the PBF.



PS: I just reviewed this thread from start to finish, sorry I never chimed in sooner as you directed some questions my way. Cody placed you on temporary probation, you went ahead and stocked BCP and CC anyhow, and never posted photos of your crays so he could verify species. I do not recommend offending Dr. Perca with your insolence moving forward. SMDH. You can lead a Hep to water.... wink
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by Heppy
I wanted to share a website that was given to me to help anyone that is looking to stock alternative native forage for their ponds. I am picking up my Z trap from the farm and my adventure begins next week for the Satinfin shiner. If you would like to catch/trap your own to diversify forage in your own pond this one is for you.


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by Heppy
Finally! Satinfin or Spotfin shiner?
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Thanks esshup for removing the link and adding the picture!
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